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Things To Know Before Treasure Debuts!

Things To Know Before Treasure Debuts!

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It’s official! YG Entertainment’s next big group is debuting on August 7th! Treasure has had an incredible journey from where they began as trainees to their rebrand announced in January. For anyone who somehow doesn’t know the amazing 12 members of Treasure, here are some things you should know ahead of their debut!

#1 YG Treasure Box

Of course, the most important part of their journey, a survival show YG Treasure Box (hereafter YGTB). YGTB was YG’s former CEO and Chief Producer Yang Hyunsuk’s final project before being dismissed from the company in 2019. The show took 4 trainee teams, team A, B, C, and surprise team J hailing from YG Japan. They were tasked with completing showdown-style missions, ultimately to earn a spot in the top 7 that would debut. The show was met with criticism due to the failure of popular survival show, MixNine, also hosted by YG. It was also criticized for the lack of management and fairness for its voting system on and off the stage.

Though there were many bumps, including the final team selection being in favor of Yang Hyunsuk’s vote, the final 13 were met with support and good wishes. It will be YGTB‘s second anniversary this Fall and we are glad to see the boys reach their goals. You can learn about the members and former YGTB trainees here!

#2 Treasure

Secondly important, the boys themselves! Though Treasure 13 is no longer, the group saying goodbye to 8th member Ha Yoonbin in December 2019, Treasure is still a group of talented performers. Our members include, in age order, Leader Choi Hyunsuk, Jihoon, Yoshi, Junkyu, Mashiho, Yoon Jaehyuk, Asahi, Bang Yedam, Doyoung, Haruto, Jeongwoo, and Maknae Junghwan. They have a range of talents from dance, rap making, and producing and were widely regarded for their songwriter members.

Throughout 2019, Treasure Makers (the fandom) were not given a ton of content to keep them up to date with the boys but were heavily rewarded at the start of 2020. Treasure has a large number of members but they each connect with fans in memorable ways. With their rebrand, they released two videos of their official ot12 version of the YGTB theme song, ‘Going Crazy’! One of which hit crazy view counts in its first week, showcasing the immense power bubbling under the surface of their upcoming debut.

Ahead of their debut, long-time trainee and member Bang Yedam released a pre-release track ‘WAYO’! The bittersweet song expresses the smooth qualities of his voices and the gentleness of his presence. This is a small taste of what the group has in store for us in the coming week!

#3 What To Expect

So far, since January, Treasure has dropped tons of content. The group has released many covers that shine a light on their vocal, rap, and dance skills as units and as individuals. All accompanied by interesting background sets. Here are a few of our favorites!

They also had several of the shows they had been recording over the past year. Many of which show off very personal moments between the members, drawing a sense of comfort in their wacky adventures. They have Treasure Map, a weekly adventure where the group tackles new challenges from cooking and part-time jobs to trendy games. They also do T-Talk, where two members sit and discuss the given topic while drinking invisible tea, and 3분 Treasure, where 3 members do activities in a 3-minute video. Here are a couple of recommendations to jump-start your journey to learning about Treasure!

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Though July is one year since official debut postponement, we’re hoping that we will finally get to meet Treasure as debuted idols! A lot of details on their debut are under wraps, but with the recent mention that there will be multiple post-debut contents, we cannot wait to see what they worked so very hard on! We hope to see many of their names in the credits!

Do you feel geared up enough to stan Treasure? Tweet us @TheHoneyPOP with your thoughts on their long-awaited debut!

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