We at The Honey Pop will never forget that first time we tried to harmonize along to ‘I Miss The Misery‘ with Lzzy Hale and Halestorm while riding in our car screaming at the top of our lungs. Luckily, some of those first listens will not be the only time we hear these songs for the first time. Halestorm has announced a full EP titled Reimagined and will feature 6 tracks including some reimagined (no pun intended) versions of popular singles. This EP has a release date set for August 14, 2020 and you can go ahead and preorder yours here!

To kick off this big announcement, Halestorm hit us with the first single ‘Break In‘ featuring Amy Lee of Evanescence. We got a taste of this version a few months back when Lzzy Hale had Amy Lee on as a guest on her interview series and they did a very beautiful rendition of this song. Now, we have an official studio version of this song and it is everything we could have asked for from this powerhouse of a collaboration. You can check out the first single below.

‘Break In’ featuring Amy Lee of Evanescence.

In a press release issued by the band, Lzzy Hale commented on this release by saying, “Over the last decade, we’ve been putting out cover EPs in between every original album cycle just for fun…But this time around we decided to shake it up! For our Reimagined EP, we committed to only one cover but filled the rest with reimagined versions of Halestorm songs. It was such a blast to remake some of our favorite originals.  One of the standout moments on this EP is a duet of our song ‘Break In’ featuring the amazingly incomparable Amy Lee. Produced by Nick Rasculinecz, we recorded this duet pre-COVID-19, together in the same room, live, as a full performance from beginning to end. Amy brought new meaning to this song, turning what was once just a love song into a statement of unity and support for each other. I hope you find something in Reimagined that brings you joy and hope in these crazy times we live in!”

Artwork for the Reimagined EP

“I Get Off”
“I Miss The Misery”
“I Am The Fire” 
“Break In” (Feat. Amy Lee) 
“I Will Always Love You”
“Mz. Hyde”

The track list above reveals songs we are so stoked to hear reimagined but it also gets us excited about the fan favorite cover of Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You,’ which is a track that only those who see the band live ever get the chance to enjoy.

There has always been something special about hearing a band revisit their own songs and bringing a different approach to them. As bands continue to grow and perfect their sound, we always love to see what they would have done differently to those songs. The Honey Pop cannot wait to get our hands on this full EP.

Keep up with Halestorm at the links below:

With Halestorm launching this Reimagined EP, we want to know your thoughts on this track list. Are you as stoked as we are? Hit us up at @thehoneypop on twitter and make sure to give us a follow on instagram @thehoneypop and let us know. And as always, keep up to date on all of our latest articles on TheHoneyPop.Com.

Header Photo Credit Courtesy Of Halestorm Official PR

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