The Band CAMINO & Chelsea Cutler: A Short, Sweet Heartache

The Band CAMINO & Chelsea Cutler: A Short, Sweet Heartache

The Band CAMINO is a comprised of members Jeffery Jordan, Spencer Stewart, and Garrison Burgess. With three EP’s and an array of singles that have collectively amassed over 220 million streams around the globe under their belt, we’d say they’re a pretty big deal.

As for Chelsea Cutler, she is also a force to be reckoned with. Her affinity for lo-fi and lyrics make her a growing force in the popular music world. These two forces have collided to bring us humble onlookers a new song:

‘Crying Over You’

This collaboration is sending us. ‘Crying Over You’ is a short n’ sweet barely 3-minute ode to tears. Playing on the phrase “I choose crying over you” we can think at first that we are crying over someone, but in truth, we are choosing to cry rather than have you. The lyrics video is an artist and bleeding heart’s environment. Handwritten words, doodles, paper full of potential, and vinyl. That video filter too? Talk about looking back on memories. Old school tapes, photographs, and a drink in hand. We are our own safe space. The only thing we can lament right now is that the song is so short. Get those replays in. We’ll get there.

Single Art via The Band CAMINO Twiter

Are you loving the single? How about that collaboration? If you love Chelsea we have more where that came from. Love The Band Camino? We gotchu there too. There’s always a place here at The Honey POP for you.

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Featured Image courtesy of Patrick Tracy

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