Bryce Vine Is Here To Let Us Know That No Matter What Happens, ‘Life Goes On’

Bryce Vine Is Here To Let Us Know That No Matter What Happens, ‘Life Goes On’

Bryce Vine releasing a new song?? Will you join us in jumping around in circles and screaming?? Yes? Okay cool because that’s exactly what we’re doing.

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Now that we’ve got the screaming out of the way, it’s time to get in our emotions. Why? Because what the song is about. The song is called ‘Life Goes On’ and it was written after the death of the legendary Kobe Bryant. In speaking of the song, Bryce talked about how the song makes him feel better, and what the moment was like when Bryce was at the Staples Center for the GRAMMYS and heard the news of Kobe’s passing.

Everything stopped. He was almost like a superhero, especially for black kids. He was a master at his craft, spoke four languages, had a wonderful family, and was helping children everywhere through his foundation alongside his wife, Vanessa. I thought the reward for that would be more, so it really shook my faith in good individuals getting what they deserve. I vented on ‘Life Goes On.’ I said things that made me feel better in the moment about the situation. When I listen to it, it still makes me feel better.

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He wrote it how he used to write songs back in high school, in his room with a guitar and no filter on his emotions. You can listen to ‘Life Goes On’ here, and watch the video below!

The video is a drawn masterpiece, keeping it simple and being able to take your own perception of it. Like the song’s meaning, while it may be about the after-effects of someone passing, you take it into your own hands and heal the way you need to. In the end, the message just has to be that life goes on.

One of our favorite parts about the song is how the lyrics ring true to the feeling of loss, especially the bridge when he sings “keep me in your thoughts like/words we try to live by/verbalizing something hardest to describe.” We all know the feeling of wanting to keep someone or a family in our thoughts, it’s so hard to describe and we wish we could do something more. The whole song really encapsulates the feeling of loss and how you know you need to keep going, and that makes it even better.

Do you like ‘Life Goes On’ by Bryce Vine? Does it already mean a lot to you as it does for us? Let us know by dropping us a comment or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! Plus, you can also find us on Facebook or Instagram!

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