The Rap Up Welcomes You Into August!

The Rap Up Welcomes You Into August!

Welcome back to The Rap Up, where we, at the Honey POP, give you the hottest hip-hop/R&B releases from the past week! We have many releases from many of your favs today, such as Brandy, DaBaby, Lil Uzi Vert, and more! So let’s not waste any more time, as The Rap Up welcomes you into August!

Brandy: B7

Although we’ve heard plenty of music featuring her from the hit TV show STAR, Brandy is back in the game after 8 years with her new album B7! On her seventh album, Brandy goes a slightly different route in terms of production, going for a mixture of her signature, relaxing, yet detailed sound and adding more hip-hop elements near the second half of the project. From the second we heard ‘Baby Mama’ with Chance The Rapper, we knew that her upcoming album would be flawless.

You can stream B7 on all platforms here!

Lil Uzi Vert & Future: ‘Patek’ and ‘Over Your Head’

The dream team, the iconic duo, the force to be reckoned with gave their fans two new singles to jam to. Lil Uzi Vert & Future released ‘Patek’ and ‘Over Your Head’ this Friday, and let me to tell you– the songs go crazy! We all know and love Lil Uzi’s energy, and when it combines with another rapper who matches, we already know the collab is going to be fire.

You can stream ‘Patek’ and ‘Over Your Head’ on all platforms!

NLE Choppa & Lil Baby: ‘Narrow Road’

NLE Choppa dropped his new single ‘Narrow Road’ with Lil Baby. We know we can always rely on NLE to come through with hard-hitting beats and a flow like no other, and lucky for us, we’ll be getting more of it sooner than we think! Along with the release of ‘Narrow Road,’ NLE announced the release date of his upcoming album Top Shotta, which is coming to us next week!

You can stream ‘Narrow Road’ on all platforms here!

Tay Money & Saweetie: ‘Bussin 2.0’

Dallas Rapper Tay Money collides with Saweetie to give us yet another anthem to make every woman out feel like a billion dollars. Everything about the music video is glamourous: the hair, the makeup, the set and especially the outfits. The “1.0” of ‘Bussin’ is found on her 2019 album Hurricane Tay; if you need more songs to jam out to, and who knows? Maybe we’ll get a second album this year.

You can stream ‘Bussin’ on all platforms here!

Ryan Destiny: ‘Do You’

Rising R&B singer and former costar of STAR Ryan Destiny released her new single ‘Do You.’ It’s been two years since the cancellation of STAR and since the release of her debut single ‘The Same,’ and we hope that this is the year we hear more of her gorgeous vocals! Perhaps an album is in the works? We certainly hope that’s the case!

You can stream ‘Do You’ on all platforms here!

Kem & Toni Braxton: ‘Live Out Your Love’

What do you get when you take two amazing R&B singers? ‘Live Out Your Love’ should’ve been your answer! Kem teamed up with Toni Braxton to give us a steamy duet full of nothing but smooth, angelic vocals. Do we expect anything less from either of them, though? If you’re in love with this track, it will be featured on his upcoming album LOVE ALWAYS WINS, which will be out August 28th!

You can stream ‘Live Out Your Love’ on all platforms here!

Rapping It Up

There is no doubt that we started August on the right foot! Unfortunately it’s time to wrap things up, but we promise we’ll be back next week with more releases! You’ll have new songs to play on your aux in no time!

What do you guys think of this week’s Rap Up? Which release was your favorite? Comment your thoughts down below, or feel free to tweet us @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter!

We will be back every Sunday to give you the new Rap/R&B feels you have been searching for! In the meantime, you can check out our Hip-POP & R&Bee category for more!

Featured Image Source: Yasmin Keskin

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