21 KPOP Idols Who Love Anime

21 KPOP Idols Who Love Anime

Ever wonder which of your favorite KPOP Idols love anime? We’re here to dish out a comprehensive list of anime lovers and the anime loves of their choice. You may be wondering what inspired this. To tell the truth, Love Live!, a very popular anime centered around high school idols. If you want an article on that, let us know, but for now, let’s focus on some KPOP anime lovers.

Love Live! via GIFY


Joshua via carat fandom wiki

Joshua has stated his favorite anime to watch are One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach. These are a classic combination. All of them are Shonen anime which tend to center around adventure, fighting, and geared towards a male audience.


Woozi via carat fandom wiki

Full Moon Wo Sagashite or, in English, Full Moon, is Woozi’s favorite anime, but we have a feeling he might just love quite a few anime. Wait until the end!

Isn’t he the cutest jamming out to some anime openings?

Red Velvet

Yeri via kprofiles

A lover of anime with her favorite also being Full Moon. She says that this anime-inspired her to become an idol.


Yuta via kprofiles

You can tell a lot from a person’s favorite anime. Yuta’s favorite is Noragami.


Jeno via kprofiles

Favorite anime? Naruto.


Mina via kprofiles

TWICE’s Mina is a fan of Pokemon. Her favorite Pokemon is Piplup.


Suga via BTS fandom wiki

Suga of BTS is a lover of Slam Dunk, a series about basketball. His love goes so far, he’s collected every copy of the manga.


D.O via kprofiles

While the other boys might dabble in anime, D.O deserves a spotlight for his love of anime. A fan of Prince of Tennis, he has confessed to crying over it more than most things. The other boys love and respect him so of course, they’d watch if he wanted them to.

Girls Generation

yuri via girls generation fandom wiki

Crayon Shinchan, or just Shin Chan, is a Japanese anime and manga series that Yuri likes. It’s very sweet and childlike, just like her!


Soyeon via kprofiles

One Piece is the mother of all anime, and by that we mean it is long. Now over 1,000 chapters in the manga and soaring past 1,000 episodes, this anime requires dedication. Devoted! We love that.


Wonjin via kprofiles

His nickname is Hamjo Rika. This name is a combination of Han Won-Jin and Majo Rika from the anime Ojamajo Doremi or, in English, Magical DoReMi. This anime is about a magical girl group.


Jisoo via kprofiles

To learn Japanese, Jisoo watches anime. While the anime style of speaking isn’t super proper, it is a great way to learn new words and put your listening skills into practice!


Dami via kprofiles

This girl loves One Piece. Not only the anime, but the manga too. That’s a lot of content to consume.


Amber via kprofiles

Naruto, Bleach, and Fullmetal Alchemist are classics and considered pretty big shonen anime. Full of fighting and adventure we can totally see the draw. Gotta love a girl with talent and a variety of interests. These were her first binge-watched shows. How neat!

Onew, Key, Minho, Taemin

SHINee via kprofiles

Taemin loves anime! One Piece actually helped him learn Japanese. You know the others are going to support him by sharing in their mutual interest.

Narachan, Roda, Bitsaeon

M.O.N.T Images courtesy of kprofiles

All the boys at M.O.N.T love anime. What’s not to love after all? Action-adventure and friendship are key elements in many shows. Bitsaeon worked in Japan for three years, and, with a love of sushi, it’s no wonder he got a taste for anime as well. Honestly, it’s just another reason to stan! We’re vibing with the anime aesthetic many idols bring us, and M.O.N.T is no exception. Where do you think these beautiful colors and outfit inspirations come from?

Love Live! via GIFY

Whew! Did we miss anyone? Find out anything new? What anime do you love? Whether it’s anime, KPOPYouTubeMusic, and more, we’ve got you covered.

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