Sheryl Crow… ‘Woman in The White House’ Re-imagined

Sheryl Crow… ‘Woman in The White House’ Re-imagined

Sheryl Crow… Activist, rockstar, and nine-time Grammy winner is back with her re-imagined take on her 2012 b-side ‘Woman in The White House’. You may be asking yourself why? Well, this is a result of Presidential Nominee Joe Biden being committed to a woman running mate for the 2020 election.

We are 100% here for this song and the meaning behind it. Sheryl Crow has provided us with a song that has an awesome message that everyone should be behind.

When I first recorded this song 8 years ago, I was hopeful that we, as a nation, would seize the moment and put a woman in the White House. That did not happen – but our movement of strength grows as we take to the streets and make our voices heard. We must not stop there. It is time for us to show up at the polls, be seen and heard as the great leaders we are. 

Sheryl Crow

Let us all take a moment to get our excitement out! This 2020 version of the song brings in raging guitars and some awesome, powerful drums. It gives this song a whole new feel. 

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You can listen to ‘Woman in The White House’ here. Or, you can go ahead and check out the lyric video below. We 100% recommend adding this one to your playlist!

We at The Honey Pop are totally living for the revamped version of this song! The beat of this one has us dancing in our seats.

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