We’re Buzzing Over The New Reyn Hartley Track ‘Energy’

We’re Buzzing Over The New Reyn Hartley Track ‘Energy’

‘Energy’ is the latest track Reyn Hartley has released. Aside from dropping a mega rap tune, Reyn Hartley has managed to catapult himself front and center with only two songs to his name. Now, this new single has cemented him further as a dominant force in underground music.

 It’s about knowing your worth. When somebody tries you and you know you’re above that, you don’t flinch.

Reyn Hartley

Just as Hartley said, this track is all about owning yourself and killing everyone with confidence! With bad bitch lyrics and a catchy beat it’s sure to get you grooving around your kitchen. What’s more exciting, is the announcement of Hartley’s debut album Georgia that pays homage to his upbringing.

Reyn Hartley via Spotify

Each song from the album, starting with Energy, will release one by one. Evolving from its previous to create a body of work that is deeply conceptual. Hartley’s decision to release each song in turn is down to his desire for fans to experience them while he writes them. We don’t know about you, but we’re so hyped to see this soundscape build itself up over the next few months!

Another one of our fav things about Reyn Hartley is his connection with his fans. After naming themselves the “Reyn Gang,” both himself and his fans have carved a space to share their distinct style. All while uniting over their love of activism and rebellion. This latest tune ‘Energy’ is only set to fuel their and our fire even more!

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