5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Only The Poets

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Only The Poets

They’re the trendy band who will make you cry, laugh and dance all summer long. Only The Poets, the Reading-based band, is about release ‘Speak Out,’ the title-track of their upcoming EP out on September 25th! They started Louis Tomlinson’s European Tour back in March and will headline a show in Reading on December 8th! To celebrate those exciting news, here are our 5 reasons why you should stan Only The Poets!

1. They are extra-talented

Some say talent is only a question of point of view. Shocker: it’s not. To clarify, we know absolutely no one who thinks those lads are not talented.

Their music is simple but efficient, a mix of alternative/indie rock with a hint of pop. Moreover, their live performances sound just as good as their studio versions with Marcus, Andrew, and Jarred playing the guitar and the drums, and Tommy’s low and soothing voice to top it all.

Only The Poets on stage.
Image Source: Rory Barnes

2. They share a close bond with their fans

Not everyone can relate and be proud of their relationship with their fans. But thanks to their presence on their socials, Tommy and his bandmates keep a strong bond with the ones they call their “legends”.

They somehow always find a way to involve them in their releasing process. Whether it’s by calling them on Zoom for a chat or by participating in streaming parties and Q&A’s on Twitter, they’re remaining close to their community!

Only The Poets share a lot with their fans.
Image Source: Rory Barnes

3. They’re always super grateful

The Reading-based band knows where they’re coming from and where they belong. Therefore, the group will perform a headline show in their hometown on December 8th.

They always make sure to thank their fans, those who were here from day 1 to the latest ones. In addition, they keep on mentioning how grateful they are to Louis Tomlinson for giving them the chance to perform as his first act on the European leg of his worldwide tour. In conclusion, yes, we love them for that, too.

Tommy from Only The Poets with Louis Tomlinson.
Image Source : @tommyotp on Instagram

4. They have 0 skips on Spotify

They’re part of an elite club of artists who have no skips on their Spotify playlist that contains all of their songs. Whether they sound a little more rock-ish (like ‘Emotional’), or softer like ‘Waking In The Dark,’ they all carry emotions that will send shivers down your spine. Therefore, we highly recommend first listening to ‘Ceasefire’ and ‘Even Hell’ to give you an idea of what their sound is!

Only The Poets on Spotify
Image Source: @onlythepoetsuk on Twitter

5. They’re all about fun and good vibes

You may never have had the chance to talk to them or approach them yet, but we wish you to be this lucky someday. There isn’t a call during which they won’t have a laugh or banter about something.

They’re careful about their fans’ feedback on their songs and consequently always open to questions. And they will always have a smile upon their face because that’s who they are. Kind, considerate and talented lads.

Only The Poets attending a festival in 2019.
Featured Image Source: Ellisha Jade

So, how cool are our 5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Only The Poets? Did you know about them already? Are you going to give their songs a go after that? Let us know everything by tweeting us @thehoneypop or leave a comment below!


Featured Header Source: Rory Barnes

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