BTS Drop The ‘Dynamite’ Promo Schedule

BTS Drop The ‘Dynamite’ Promo Schedule

If you weren’t already hyped about the looming BTS comeback then you should be. While we all count down to ‘Dynamite’ finally being released, BigHit have just dropped an entire promo schedule for us to feast on. It’s safe to say that we’re all going to be well fed!

Teaser Photos 

The first thing on the BTS promo menu, is a series of teaser photos. Now we all remember how much we freaked out over the ‘Black Swan’ pics, so we all have high hopes! These are all being released August 10th, 12th and 15th at 11AM EST. 

Music Video Teaser

Once we’ve all been gifted with godly photos of our biases, we finally get a teaser video for the ‘Dynamite’ music video! This is going up on August 18th at 11AM EST, while the YouTube countdown will be going live August 20th at 11:30PM EST.

Music Video

Finally, the ‘Dynamite’ music video is set to drop August 21st, midnight EST! 

Comeback VLIVE

Twitter and the YouTube comment section ain’t your thing? Fear not, we’re being blessed with a comeback VLIVE! It’s starting at 6AM EST on August 21st so catch us setting our alarms for the crack of dawn.

MTV Fresh Out Live

Once the song’s out, the madness only increases. This time we can catch the boys on MTV Fresh Out Live at 5PM EST on August 21st as well as The Today Show at 8AM EST on August 24th.  

B-Side Music Video

All this *content* ain’t enough for you? Don’t panic! A B-Side music video is out on August 24th 11:00 EST. 


So, if like us, you’ll have already spent the week leading up to the MTV VMAS streaming ‘Dynamite’ on repeat. But alongside voting for ‘Best Pop’ and ‘Best KPOP’, we now have a performance of ‘Dynamite’ to look forward to as well!

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Featured Image Source: Big Hit Labels

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