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Cavetown & Sody Are Asking Us ‘is your bedroom ceiling bored?’

Cavetown & Sody Are Asking Us ‘is your bedroom ceiling bored?’

Don’t you just love it when a feeling you feel so often -but don’t know how to describe- is captured in a song so well? It’s like finally, someone understands. Cavetown and Sody have got that feeling down perfectly in their collaboration ‘is your bedroom ceiling bored?’ Such an interesting song name, don’t you think? One of the reasons we were so compelled to listen is the song title, and we definitely don’t regret listening to it.

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The song captures exactly what it’s like to be alone in your room, feeling the loneliness and only allowing your bedroom ceiling to witness it. No one else sees the side of you that your room sees, all the emotions you hold inside, especially the loneliness and longing to be with someone. It has an interesting spin on the song since instead of talking about their own boredom of being alone in the room, it’s their bedroom ceiling that’s bored of seeing them cry and stare at it.

‘Is Your Bedroom Ceiling Bored?’ is for my fellow overthinkers. It’s when you’re staring at your ceiling at 4am looking for answers and wondering what someone is thinking. It’s when you write paragraphs to someone over text but then delete it and respond ‘I’m okay’. I imagine so many of us are experiencing this in isolation which unites us all!

I’m so proud of this video and loved working with Robbie and the director, Sam. I love how we’re experiencing the same thing but in our own bedrooms and it really brings the song to life.


So many of us are experiencing the same during quarantine and isolation. With so many of us being lonely inside and wanting to be around more people we love, the song fits our emotions so well right now. No wonder we resonate with it so much!

For even more context on the song before you listen to it, check out what Cavetown said about ‘is your bedroom ceiling bored?’!

This video concept is stunning and was so well executed. The stillness of the scene combined with the dreamlike rotation of the set I think captures perfectly that feeling of isolation, longing, and circling thoughts as you lay in bed at night.

I love the lyrics and production of this song so I was excited to work on it. I don’t typically write songs like this so it was intriguing to dip my toes into a track that had a bit more of a pop vibe. Getting to know Sody throughout the process was a major bonus as she’s super cool and fun to work with!


Okay okay enough suspense, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. You can listen to ‘is your bedroom ceiling bored’ by Cavetown and Sody here, and you can watch the video below!

Is it just us or is that video perfect for the song? Some people do videos completely unrelated to the song, but this video has got us all in our feels. The way the rooms spin around as Cavetown and Sody get caught up in their own thoughts, it’s so accurate. You can probably guess we may have watched it a few times already, but how could we not?

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