MGK Drops New Track & Has Us Even More Stoked For Tickets To My Downfall

MGK Drops New Track & Has Us Even More Stoked For  Tickets To My Downfall

We have eagerly anticipated the drop of ‘concert for aliens’ the second track from the forthcoming album Tickets To My Downfall from MGK and Travis Barker. And it is safe to say, it was most DEFINITELY worth the wait and well, we’re living our best lives!

‘concert for aliens’ encompasses all that we loved about the early 2000’s pop-punk era, with a modern twist thrown in—breathing life back into one of our fave genres of music. Could MGK be the man who brings pop-punk back to the forefront? We think so, and this track alongside ‘My Bloody Valentine’ and the Hotel Diablo era’s ‘I Think I’m Okay‘ is clear evidence.

Travis Barker’s influence in the creative process seems to project this point of view even further for us. And we can’t help but vibe with the fact that Blink 182 song ‘Aliens Exist’ could almost be considered a prequel to this track. And we’re most definitely not mad about that, one bit!


Are you vibing with this track? Are you as excited as we are for the album? Let us know your thoughts by commenting down below, or hitting us up on twitter @thehoneypop

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