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12 Monsta X Music Videos You Should Watch To Celebrate Their VMA Nomination

12 Monsta X Music Videos You Should Watch To Celebrate Their VMA Nomination

The MTV VMA nominations are in, and Monsta X has made the cut! The group has been nominated in the “Best K-Pop” category for their track ‘Someone’s Someone,’ featured on their album, All About Luv. 

Source: YouTube

This nomination is the icing on the cake for all that Monsta X has been up to this year. Not only did they recently have an amazing comeback with their newest mini-album, Fantasia X, but this coming weekend, August 8th at 11PM EST, they will be performing their live online concert, From Seoul With Luv! The group will also be doing an interview with on August 6th where fans can send in questions they may have for the group.

Monsta X has always been known for their captivating music videos, and we decided to list a few of our favorites that the boys have released over their amazing careers.

‘Hero’ (2015)

Source: YouTube

The first and only music video of Monsta X’s to reach 100 million views, it’s not hard to see why it’s so popular once you watch it.

‘All In’ (2016)

Source: YouTube

One word for this video, iconic. Not only are the fan theories for this video incredible to read, but you catch something new every time you watch it. You may also notice components of this video popping up in future ones if you pay attention closely!

‘Stuck’ (2016)

Source: YouTube

Monsta X has been known for their choreography and ‘Stuck’ is an amazing showcase of the skill that these boys have, given that the choreography shown in the music video is known for its difficulty.

‘Fighter’ (2016)

Source: YouTube

A sharp contrast to the ‘Stuck’ music video, the storyline for ‘Fighter” keeps you engaged the entire time; there is just something about watching all seven boys running together in freedom at the end.

‘Newton’ (2017)

Source: YouTube

The music video for ‘Newton’ is a hidden gem and it deserves more love.

‘Destroyer’ (2018)

Source: YouTube

Considered a music film, this video adds more to the storyline that we keep seeing in most of Monsta X’s music videos. It might seem similar to other videos, but goes a bit deeper and it fits ‘Destroyer’ perfectly.

‘If Only’ (2018)

Source: YouTube

A very special song, and one composed by Wonho, the ‘If Only’ music video, while many may not realize, can be a bit emotional. The song is about enjoying what we have today, as we may not have it in the future, and it’s absolutely beautiful.

‘Shoot Out’ (2018)

Source: YouTube

The seven deadly sins concept was superior. This video marked a new era for Monsta X and it was unforgettable.

‘Find You’ (2019)

Source: YouTube

It’s no secret that this video is emotional ( plus, Hyungwon’s acting is amazing). Not only that, but it also shows the connection between all the previous music videos and the storyline that Monsta X has been incorporating in their concepts for years.

‘Follow’ (2019)

Source: YouTube

The concept, the choreography, the aesthetic, this music video had it all and deserved so much better.

‘Middle of the Night’ (2019)

Source: YouTube

From their all English album, All About Luv, the music video for ‘Middle of the Night’ is one which showcases Monsta X in their visual glory (plus, the emotion that Joohoney shows during the telephone booth scene is chilling.)

See Also

‘Fantasia’ (2020)

Source: YouTube

The latest music video from Monsta X, this video and its intense choreography shows that these boys still have it and that they aren’t going anywhere.

Bonus Clip – ‘Dramarama’ Van

Source: YouTube

Technically, it’s not a music video, but its still fun to watch and will definitely put a smile on your face.

Congratulations on your nomination Monsta X! We can’t wait to see what you boys have in store for us this weekend with your once in a lifetime live performance!

Will you be voting for Monsta X for “Best K-Pop?” Are you tuning in to their concert this weekend? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us on Twitter at @TheHoneyPOP!

Need more Monsta X in your life? We got you!


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