QUIZ: Which Halsey Album Is Your Favorite?

QUIZ: Which Halsey Album Is Your Favorite?

Halsey has certainly taken the world by storm over the years and we’re definitely not complaining. Since debuting Halsey has released three original and iconic albums that have given us some of our best feel-good songs and some of the best songs to cry to.

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All three of her albums are so unique and different than each other which makes it hard for fans to chose which one is their favorite. It’s definitely got us scratching our heads! So, which album is our favorite?

Is it Badlands which launched Halsey’s career and changed the name of the game? What about Hopeless Fountain Kingdom which is an iconic concept album? And we can’t forget Halsey’s latest album Manic which is truly one of a kind just like her.

Ah! It’s so hard!

Luckily for you, we know a way that’ll make choosing your favorite Halsey album easier, you just have to take our quiz!

Image Source: Halsey via GIPHY

All you have to do is pick your favorite tracks and we’ll tell you which album is truly your favorite.

Sounds like fun right?

Well, then, what are you waiting for.

Let’s go!

Pick Your Favorite Halsey Tracks And We'll Tell You Which Album Is Your Fav

Halsey has put out three amazing full-length albums its nearly impossible to choose which one is our favorite. This quiz will settle the debate once and for all. 

Pick A Song

1. Castle

2. The Prologue

3. Ashley

Pick A Song

1. Hold Me Down

2. 100 Letters

3. Clementine

Pick A Song

1. New Americana

2. Eyes Closed

3. Graveyard

Pick A Song

1. Drive

2. Heaven in Hiding

3. You Should Be Sad

Pick A Song

1. Hurricane

2. Alone

3. Forever ... (Is a Long Time)

Pick A Song

1. Roman Holiday

2. Now or Never

3. Dominic's Interlude

Pick A Song

1. Ghost

2. Sorry

3. I Hate Everybody

Pick A Song

1. Colors

2. Good Mourning

3. 3AM

Pick A Song

1. Colors Pt. II

2. Lie

3. Without Me

Pick A Song

1. Strange Love

2. Walls Could Talk

3. Finally // Beautiful Stranger

Pick A Song

1. Coming Down

2. Bad at Love

3. Alanis' Interlude

Pick A Song

1. Haunting

2. Don't Play

3. Killing Boys

Pick A Song

1. Gasoline

2. Strangers

3. Suga's Interlude

Pick A Song

1. Control

2. Angel on Fire

3. More

Pick A Song

1. Young God

2. Devil in Me

3. Still Learning

Pick A Song

1. I Walk the Line

2. Hopeless

3. 929

All 16 questions completed!

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Pick Your Favorite Halsey Tracks And We'll Tell You Which Album Is Your Fav

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Image Source: Halsey via GIPHY

So, which Halsey album really is your favorite? Did our Halsey quiz pick the album you thought it was? Were you completely surprised? Let us know everything by commenting below or by tweeting us  @TheHoneyPOP!

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