QUIZ: What Neck Deep Song From All Distortions Are Intentional Are You?

QUIZ: What Neck Deep Song From All Distortions Are Intentional Are You?
Neck Deep Chart Sales

Neck Deep released All Distortions Are Intentional, and they haven’t looked back since. The band celebrated an incredibly successful first week of streams and sales for the album, and we can’t think of anyone more deserving. Selling over 20,000 copies, and streaming over 20 million streams globally, this band is one you have to stop sleeping on. The numbers don’t lie people.

You can catch our full review on the album here. But we promise that it is everything to love about pop-punk. Unique, progressive, and just enough angst, it’s a magnificent work of art from the boys of Neck Deep.

The band stepped out of their comfort zone, and the rewards were plentiful. They secured the number six spot on the Billboard Top Album Charts as well as the number two spot on the Alternative, Rock, Independent, and Internet Album Charts. Number three on Vinyl in the United States, and the top five debuts in the UK Top Albums Chart. Polished, poised, but still raw and relevant, this album is catchy as hell, and the praise surrounding it is warranted.

Image Source: Steve Gullick

So in celebration of Neck Deep’s much-deserved success, THP has generated a quiz to tell you what song from All Distortions Are Intentional you are. While, they’re all lovely find out if you’re more rough around the edges, a lover, or out of this world below:

QUIZ: What Neck Deep Song From ADAI Are You?

Image Source: ADAI Offical Album Art

Neck Deep's ADAI is the soundtrack to our summer. What song is most like you? Find out if your favorite jam doubles as your most relatable.

What is your ideal date?

1. Dinner
2. Drinks
3. Concert
4. Netflix & Chill

What is your favorite color?

1. Green
2. Purple
3. Red
4. Black

What is your favorite Neck Deep release?

1. 'Life's Not Out To Get You'
2. 'Wishful Thinking'
3. 'The Peace And The Panic'
4. 'All Distortions Are Intentional'

Favorite Food?

1. Pizza
2. Friessss
3. Sushi
4. Salad

Favorite social?

1. Instagram
2. Twitter
3. Facebook
4. Snapchat

Love is

1. Catostrophic
2. Emptiness
3. Adventurous
4. Everything.

All 6 questions completed!

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QUIZ: What Neck Deep Song From ADAI Are You?

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Featured Image Source: Steve Gullick

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