Shinedown Bring the Light With Youtube Concert

Shinedown Bring the Light With Youtube Concert

You don’t have to be from London to devour Shinedown’s latest release. The multi-platinum rock band returns for our listening pleasure with Live In London — a full-length video concert from their 2019 trip to London. At 12 PM EST, music lovers will be able to bang their heads and thrash their bodies to the band’s greatest hits.

From the comfort of your homes, experience and enjoy your own personal Shinedown Youtube concert. If you were present in London’s 2019 concert, relive the experience all over again. All you need is a Wifi connection and some time to spare to listen to Brent Smith’s mesmerizing voice.

Check out Shinedown’s teaser, which is simple, but also something we love and understand.

This isn’t the first contribution Shinedown has made to the world during these troubling times. Earlier this year, the rock group raised $300,000 in revenue from a never before released single Atlas Falls that included t-shirts in the bundle for fans. All proceeds were donated to Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid organization that helped supply hospitals and health care workers with proper safety equipment and protection worldwide. 

While holed up inside, social distancing, and taking precautions, we’ll be swaying gently to the acoustic cover of Simple Man and the rest of Shinedown’s lineup from the 2019 London concert. Thank you, guys!

Looking forward to the Shinedown Youtube concert release? We are too! What’s your favorite song by Shinedown? Tweet us @TheHoneyPOP and let us know. We just might tell you ours!

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