We’re ‘Sorry’ If You Haven’t Listened To The New beabadoobee Song Yet, Listen To It Now!

We’re ‘Sorry’ If You Haven’t Listened To The New beabadoobee Song Yet, Listen To It Now!

beabadoobee is here and she’s here to impress. Her new song ‘Sorry’ tore us apart with just one listen. Don’t look at us, we’re emotional with the hard-hitting song.

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It’s a sort of retro-pop indie anthem with a twist of grunge and rock towards the end, and we’re kinda obsessed with that vibe. The lyrics are agonizing and hit us right in the heart. And the music video?? It was Bea in all her vulnerability, with the ending showing her playing the guitar as she shouted ‘I’m sorry.’ We don’t know about you, but our hearts are broken after watching it.

‘Sorry’ is an apology, and Bea’s way of confessing her mistakes.

Confessing my mistakes in a friendship and watching someone who I love break down and fade away as a person. It’s the idea of dismissing something because it felt too close to home and a personal reminder to never take for granted what that person could have had.


Listen to the song here, and watch the video below!

Fake It Flowers

The song is the second single from her upcoming album Fake It Flowers, out October 16. The first single was ‘Care,’ and if ‘Care’ and ‘Sorry’ are anything to show, the album will be really good. We’ve already got the tracklist for the album, so maybe pick a track to claim and then come back here and let us know if your claimed track ends up your favorite? Yeah? Sounds good, let’s do that.

  1. Care
  2. Worth It
  3. Dye It Red
  4. Back To Mars
  5. Charlie Brown
  6. Emo Song
  7. Sorry
  8. Further Away
  9. Horen Sarrison
  10. How Was Your Day?
  11. Together
  12. Yoshimi, Forest, Magdalene

If you liked ‘Sorry,’ be sure to pre-order the album, which you can do right here!

What did you think of ‘Sorry’ by beabadoobee? Did you love the music video? Have you pre-ordered Fake It Flowers? Let us know by commenting below, tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP, or on Facebook or Instagram!

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