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Fresh Music Friday: Troye Sivan, (G)I-DLE, Machine Gun Kelly And MORE!

Fresh Music Friday: Troye Sivan, (G)I-DLE, Machine Gun Kelly And MORE!

Welcome to Fresh Music Friday; where every week we at The Honey POP will be giving you the lowdown on this week’s sweetest releases! Here’s your chance to see what your faves have been up to as well as discover some new music which you can easily fall in love with.

Rager Teenager – Troye Sivan

Internet prince Troye Sivan is back! This time with the heavy hitting tune we at Fresh Music Friday needed this week. ‘Rager Teenager!’ has all the elements of the classic lo-fi pop bangers we’ve come to expect from Sivan but the chorus pops off on a whole new level. Not sure what we mean? Check it out for yourself right now.

Listen to the single here


‘DUMBDi DUMBDi’ is the latest track and music video by (G)IDLE. We get a little western standoff vibe in this one. Set in a motel in the middle of the desert the girls dress anywhere from model right to western chic. The girls are ready to spice up this sleepy western set up. Bringing their individual tastes and style into this it makes a wonderful narrative to follow visually. The song itself is bouncing much like Bollywood music, very deliberate and fun. The lyrics embrace the heat and decide to make some fun out of an otherwise miserable situation. Fresh Music Friday approved!

Listen to the single here

‘Concert For Aliens’ – Machine Gun Kelly

Making love to the pop-punk vibes Machine Gun Kelly gives us an anthem to running away. ‘Concert for Aliens’ is the jam you need in your life right now. The music video is pretty bad ass and animated. Watch an exploration with aliens, space ships, and band jams. Embracing and screaming out all of the messed up that we’ve done in life. Man do we feel like screaming this at the top of our lungs. Staying true to the essence of the song the mess up is all left in at the end. Take a drive and jam out to Machine Gun Kelly’s ‘Concert for Aliens’.

Listen to the single here

‘Holiday (Remix)’ – Little Mix ft MNEK

The queens of harmony, Little Mix have blessed us with a remix of their bop ‘Holiday’. This time offering a feature to MNEK that sends you straight from a summer beach and into the club. The heavier synths and bass add new dimension to a song that’s already a THP HQ favorite. We can’t decide if we need to vibe to this remix with a light stick or to the original with a pina colada. But, regardless of which version of the song is YOUR favorite, we know it’s on loop.

Listen to the single here

‘2 KIDS’ – Taemin

When Taemin announced his new solo comeback, the world of KPOP was beyond excited. His latest single, ‘2 Kids’, shows us all the *emotion*. A song about young love and regretting how it ended, the music video showcased the artistry that Taemin has become known for in the industry. His freestyle dance is beautiful and matches the song’s slow-tone perfectly, reminding us of just how talented Taemin is. Fresh Music Friday Approved!

Listen to the single here

‘WAP’ – Cardi B ft Megan Thee Stallion

This new Cardi B feat Megan Thee Stallion hit is definitely not safe for work, but it is the perfect twerk anthem to help wrap up the Summer! It has been a while since we got a new Cardi B track and adding Megan to the mix just makes us love it so much more! Saturated in raunchy lyrics (seriously wait until you figure out what WAP stands for) and a beat that will echo through your head for the rest of the day!

The video is just as you’d suspect, lots of twerking and beautiful women to compliment the likes of Cardi and Megan, and did you peep Kylie Jenner?

We knew this would be a banger but we’re blown away! If you’re not singing “there’s some whores in this house” throughout your home after this song, you need to re-evaluate.

Listen to the single here

Dreamland – Glass Animals

‘Dreamland’ has the catchiest bops going and we’re hyped to hear it on the airwaves throughout August. Glass Animals have long been hailed as experts in psychedelic pop but their latest record proves that they’re so much more.

Tracks like ‘It’s All So Incredibly Loud’ demonstrate their own sonic development since 2016. While disguised ballads like ‘Melon and the Coconut’ show a rawness to the band’s own writing.

Listen to the album here

‘Freak’ – Doja Cat

The song may sound like it’s from the 50’s from the start, but don’t let it fool you! Doja Cat’s lyrics are riddled with innuendos about a fun time in the bedroom as she raps about how “freaky” she is, which she uses as a compliment in this sense.

Her rap style fits the instrumental of the recycled hit ‘Put You Head on My Shoulder’ to a T. Making the song sound romantic at the jump with her singing in a sultry voice before blessing us with some fire verses. We sense another hit with this one and we can’t wait to see what visuals she has planned for this track! Don’t we all wish we were a “freak like” Doja Cat?

Listen to the single here

‘XO + 999’ – The Weeknd X Juice WRLD

Juice WRLD had always dreamt of working with The Weeknd. While he isn’t here to see it, we’ve decided to celebrate the dream for him. ‘Smile’ provides a flow form Juice that we know, we love, and we cherish. The feature from The Weeknd is a perfect complement to the song, as it doesn’t over shine Juice Wrld, but complements him ever so effortlessly. This song is a mellow, but necessary track for every playlist.

Listen to the single here

‘My Ex’s Best Friend’ – Machine Gun Kelly & Blackbear

It’s no new news that MGK has stormed the world of pop-punk and alternative jams. The only bad thing we can say about this song? It’s not long enough. Relatable and flashy, it is a reveil of MGK’s smoooooooth transition into the alt scene. What in the world could make it better? Hold our beer…blackbear! His feature makes the song complete, as blackbear provides that little bit of rapper essence. A sing-along, fast-paced, straight-up catchy tune, this one satisfies our thirst for MGK.

Listen to the single here

‘Kings & Queens (Remix)’ – Ava Max ft Lauv

Ava Max gave us more music in the form of a remix with Lauv and Saweetie! ‘Kings & Queens’ Pt. 2 has got us queens feeling badass, what else would you expect from an Ava Max song? Bring Lauv and Saweetie into the mix and we’re amazed. It’s a song filled with women empowerment, as well as just powerful vocals from all the artists. We can easily say we’re in love with the track already, and it may just be our new girl power anthem.

Listen to the single here

‘Aquí Yo Mando’ – Kali Uchis and Rico Nasty

Kali Uchis and Rico Nasty just joined forces to bring us a banger. The collab is ‘Aquí Yo Mando’, and we just can’t get enough! The track is honestly such a hit and easy to jam along to. We’re sure it will be on the radio waves for weeks to come!

Listen to the single here

Sorry – Beabadoobee

beabadoobee never fails to deliver a good song, and ’Sorry’ is no different. This song rips us apart, with it’s vulnerability in the lyrics. The music video keeps up that theme as it shows her singing her heart out while looking right into the camera, letting her guards down. The song is indie with a little bit of a grunge vibe and rock toward the end, which makes us stoked for when concerts come back and we’ll get the chance to see ‘Sorry’ live!

Listen to the single here

JAGUAR – Victoria Monet

Soulful queen Victoria Monet has blessed us with the goods once again this week! Her latest album ‘JAGUAR’ is a soft uplifting record that we’re going to be taking with us well into the Autumn. Some of our favourite tunes include ‘Jaguar’ and ‘Touch Me’ but let us know yours!

Listen to the single here

‘Quarantine’ – Blink 182

Our original pop-punk dads are back at it again. Blink 182 delivers fans ‘Quarantine’, and truthfully, we can not get enough. With an old school punk-rock feel that we know and love, the boys have left us incredibly nostalgic for 90s skate punk. We loved to see them back to their roots. You know we couldn’t feature this song without commenting on Travis Barker’s spectacular drumming because, as always, this song thrives even more so because of it. Today, this one is on full blast.

See Also

Listen to the single here

The First Step: Chapter One – Treasure

TREASURE are set to be your latest K-POP obsession! They’ve dropped their debut mini EP ‘The First Step: Chapter One’ and we’re straight up vibing. The first track ‘BOY’ is a huge bop with a chorus we can’t help but dance to. Whereas ‘COME TO ME’ has all the groove we could want in a track. This is definitely a group we’re going to be keeping our eyes on!

Listen to the album here

‘Feels In My Body’ – Icona Pop

Swedish queens Icona Pop are back with a last minute summer anthem this week! ‘Feels In My Body’ is quite possibly one of the catchiest tunes we’ve heard all summer long. The track starts with a simple beat that just grows and grows throughout the song’s length. On the hunt for a chorus you can scream the lyrics to? Well you’re in the right place this Fresh Music Friday!

Listen to the single here

‘Impact’ – Robyn, SG Lewis & Channel Tres

On the hunt for a club fix this weekend? Don’t worry we got you! SJ Lewis‘ new tune featuring Robyn and Channel Tres is a modern retro banger we can’t wait to have a groove to when clubs open up again. But in the meantime we’ll be having a silent groove in our bedroom!

Listen to the single here

‘What You Need’ – JoJo

JoJo is back! Following the release of her 2020 album ‘Good to Know’ she is here with the new song ‘What You Need’. The song gives off some major get up and dance vibes. At first, listen we are dancing in our seats. The beat is insane! If you’re looking for a feel-good song to vibe to this is it!

Listen to the single here

Cloudy – joan

It’s finally out! joan have been teasing this EP since their last live shows in March and after releasing four out of the six songs on the EP, we were finally blessed with the complete project.

With new songs ‘try again’ and ‘cover girl’ joan managed to put out songs to jam to and fit any mood! But be warned if you play this EP you won’t be able to stop!

Listen to the EP here

Hot in the Hive: Editors’ Choice

Find out what we’re loving at THP HQ! Our editors are sharing with you their choice of music that you just need on your playlists. Discover some on the rise artists, old faves and hidden gems right here.

Which releases from this week’s Fresh Music Friday are you loving? Let us know down in the comments or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Words: Sophie McCarthy, Jazmin Williams, Dakota Ash, Dani King, Ibby Morris, Adrianna Falaris, Mar Maldonado

Featured Image Source: Tim Ashton | (G)I-DLE via Instagram |Machine Gun Kelly via Instagram

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