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Halestorm ‘Break In’ Reimagined With Music Video

Halestorm ‘Break In’ Reimagined With Music Video

Halestorm is bringing us another epic EP Reimagined. In this, we’ll get six amazing songs that we already know and love. Hello nostalgia, numb our minds a while won’t you? But today we’re checking out the latest music video drop; Halestorm featuring Amy Lee!


‘Break In’ was originally released back in 2011 as the 7th song on ‘Strange Case Of’. That was their 2nd studio album ever.

Now on the 2020 Reimagined EP, we get a revamped taste of ‘Break In’ with Evanescence lead singer Amy Lee. When the song originally came out Lzzy described the inspiration behind the song.

 For me, it’s about somebody special in my life. I’m extremely lucky to be surrounded by people who love me and take me for who I am – as well as all of the weird stuff that comes with me [Laughs]. I love that line, ‘You let me fall apart without letting go’. The people who surround me have let me do that. They let me make my mistakes, but they don’t let go. It’s a realistic look at love and what real love means to me.

Lzzy Hale


Now we get an impassioned performance. The song was recorded live-performance style. The two frontwomen use the prowess and belt out a lovely re-imagining of ‘Break In’. Both Lzzy and Amy have beautifully rich voices. Their voices come together to resonate with your soul, truly bringing you into the depth of this song.

What I love about dueting on that song with you is that it started out as a love song that I wrote for my significant other but when we sing it together, it’s this act of unity, especially with the two of us being women and being women musicians. It’s like we have each other’s backs. And the lyrics mean something completely different when I sing it [with you].

Lzzy Hale

Music isn’t just for the consumers but the writers and singers too. What it meant for one year can change just as this has for Lzzy. We learn and grow and embracing that growth is beautiful. Just another thing that makes these two women so powerful.

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