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Rich People: Passionate, Eclectic & Conceptual Harmony

Rich People: Passionate, Eclectic & Conceptual Harmony

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Rich People deserve every ounce of attention they receive, multiplied by infinity. Yeah, that much. Our love for them is immeasurable, can’t you see?

This Philadelphia based band does more than provoke thought, but passion and raw emotion. They have a uniqueness that sets them apart, making them a valuable asset to any tour bill. While their discography is already damn near perfect, these masterminds have just released a new album. Harmony dropped today, and you’re about to find out all the reasons that you need to stop what you’re doing and listen right now.  

No doubt about it, these dudes put their all into this perfected record. It’s a collaboration of contextual poetry, power jams, and vocals so heavenly it’s only existed before in our dreams. 

The album-opening song ‘Contrast’ throws a nod to Rich People’s roots. As longtime fans, this was the most solid start possible to an album. Continuing on with powerful pace, singles ‘No Age’ and ‘Joy Note’ front the lineup. Both are thoughtful, catchy, eclectic tunes. 

Rich People – ‘Joy Notes’

Plus…those dance moves? Right?

Harmony also holds a unique little feature on the song ‘Kathleen’. One that we hold, especially close to the chest. Who could it be? The one and only Colin Walsh from Grayscale. Both Philly based bands, they became fast friends. Now we’ll be eternally grateful, because the two bands touring together was a godsend. And we think we have that to thank for the vocal perfection that is Rob and Colin on this track together. Following this tune? An interlude to die for.

Rich People – ‘Kathleen’

Songs ‘French Kiss’ (stream here) and ‘Unlove’ (here) show the copious amount of raw talent this band carries as the record continues. Though quite frankly, we think you need to just stream the whole damn thing.

Undoubtedly, we have to talk about Rich People’s song ‘Fairmount.’ Firstly, because it’s our personal favorite, and secondly because h o l y s h i t. We’ve talked repeatedly about the talent, poetry, and passion this band has for quite some time now. But this song? This song embodies every little bit of it.

Rob Rich has been gracefully open about his road to recovery and how past addiction has haunted him. This month, he’s celebrated nine years of sobriety and we’re sending our congratulations. When listening, it’s evident that this song has had a substantial amount of personal influences.

A passionate ballad, the rawness in its entirety, will bring out the tears in any type of listener. Losing loved ones, and even yourself in addiction is highly relatable to a great deal of us. The pain is evident in all aspects of the song. Holding some of the most formidable lyrics in any song ever, this one has left us in total awe.

Mature and commanding, Rich People delivered the album they promised. Every song from start to end is everything we could have hoped for, but nothing less than expected. 

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Do yourself a favor and stream Rich People’s Harmony, and then do it again. And again. And again.

Then after that? Let us know what YOU think, by commenting down below, or giving us a holler @thehoneypop on Twitter!

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