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Stand Atlantic’s 2nd Studio Album Pink Elephant

Stand Atlantic’s 2nd Studio Album Pink Elephant

Calling all our Stand Atlantic fans, they are back and taking over with their 2nd studio album ‘Pink Elephant’. Our favorite band favorite Australians Bonnie, David, Jonno, and Miki have exceeded our expectations with this one. Get ready for this because Stand Atlantic’s Pink Elephant might be our favorite one so far.

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The much anticipated album dropped on August 7th, 2020 and we could not be more excited. ‘Pink Elephant’ has a song for everyone weather you are looking for a song to dance to with your friends, blast in your car, or a slower song for those sad days. You can take a listen for yourself below. You can click here to purchase the album!

We had high expectations for this album after their 2018 debut album ‘Skinny Dipping‘. But Stand Atlantic’s second studio album ‘Pink Elephant’ did not disappoint us in any ways. This 11-track album is different than their first album in the best of ways. It hits us in all those feels from happy to sad. The album definitely gives off vibes of some of our favorite bands such as Fall Out Boy and All Time Low.

So far our favorite songs off of the album include ‘Like That’, ‘Wavelength’, and of course one of the singles off of the album ‘Jurassic Park’. These songs just make us want to get up and dance, and in times like these that is just what we need. We for sure already have these amazing tunes stuck in our head and can’t wait to keep listening.

We here at The Honey Pop are loving Stand Atlantic’s new album ‘Pink Elephant’ and we really want to hear what your favorite songs are and all your other opinions on the album also! Hit us up on twitter @TheHoneyPop or you can find us on Facebook or Instagram!

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