Alexander 23 Has Us ‘Caught In The Middle’

Alexander 23 Has Us ‘Caught In The Middle’

We went from not knowing someone yet to the relationship already being over, well, at least fans of Alexander 23 went through this. His hit ‘IDK You Yet’ got us into his music, and now with ‘Caught In The Middle’ we see the end of a relationship and realizing you’re not lovers and you’re not strangers.

The indie-pop lovesick song reminisces on the relationship. We can all relate to that, we’re not quite strangers with someone, but we’re not as close. We can know everything about them, but we won’t know how their day was. It’s real and honest, with lyrics that say everything we didn’t know how to describe.

‘Caught In The Middle’ is one of those songs that sounds more cheerful or happy when you just listen to the music, but it hits deeply when you pay attention to the lyrics. It’s like the sad next part to ‘IDK You Yet,’ we see he loves someone he doesn’t even know yet. And now, this song takes us to the end of the relationship, remembering the love they had.

You can listen to ‘Caught In The Middle’ here, and watch the music video below!

Interesting video, right? Who would’ve thought that a mannequin party at a bar would hold such a good aesthetic for a music video? Probably no one, but hey, it works really well!

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Featured image source: Ashley Osborn

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