Josie Proto says ‘Thank You’ with her latest single

Josie Proto says ‘Thank You’ with her latest single

Josie Proto, a British viral superstar, and singer surprised her fans on Friday. She announced a fan compilation video through her Instagram as a way to express her gratitude for her newest single called ‘Thank You.’

Courtesy via Josie Proto Instagram

As the title would imply, ‘Thank You’ is way for her to show more appreciation to the people in her life. Of course, set to song.

“The song is incredibly literal; it came from remembering a friend of mine from when I was maybe 6 or 7 and wanting to know if I had same impact on him as he did on me. I wrote the lyrics almost instantly and the melody and chords came secondary for this one; it was really a poem before a song.” she said.

“There were so many stories of small, yet impactful meetings and crossings that I wanted to incorporate, but the ones that I felt were most important were ones that had either left me with a phrase that I have remembered or a sense of guilt. It’s amazing how a very small interaction can make you feel guilty about the most minute things. We kept the production simple, I wanted to maintain the raw and honest message without confusing, overpowering instruments. I hope ‘Thank You’ reminds people to be kind and grateful for the small things.”

This latest track came quickly after her debut EP called Pub Song: Volume 1 that landed her in the number one on the iTunes Pop Chart, earlier this year!

You can stream ‘Thank You’ via Soundcloud or here.

Tell us what you thought about ‘Thank You!’ In the comments below, or drop us a tweet @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured image Source: Courtesy of Josie Proto Via Facebook

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[…] production or danceable beats. Our favorite part about listening to this is just how like-able Josie Proto‘s personality is. She finds the right balance between sincerity and comedy in her lyricism. […]

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