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Shawn Mendes Has Had A Major Glow-Up In His Career- Here’s The Proof

Shawn Mendes Has Had A Major Glow-Up In His Career- Here’s The Proof

Shawn Mendes may be one of the biggest pop stars in the world these days, but he hasn’t always been the famous guy we know today!

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Like many artists who get their start on smaller platforms, Shawn got his start on VINE in 2013 posting covers, and in 2014, he caught the eye of Andrew Gertler and Island Records’ Ziggy Chareton. Thus, leading him to sign with the label and creating the music we know today!

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Over the years, Shawn’s image and sound have subtly changed, and that got us wanting to look back over the years at Shawn’s musical glow-up!

2013: VINE Song Covers

From Ed Sheeran and 5 Seconds Of Summer to Adele and Miley Cyrus, Shawn Mendes has covered them all! Not only did he nail every cover, but it also allowed him to showcase his full range of talent. It’s no wonder he caught the attention of some big names!

2014: The Shawn Mendes EP

This 4 song EP was Shawn’s first official extended play release. It featured some amazing songs, such as ‘Life Of The Party’ and ‘The Weight.’ The cherry on top is that it debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard charts! That’s pretty impressive for a newbie in the music industry, and he went on the further dominate the charts with the albums and singles that followed!

2015: Handwritten

Handwritten is Shawn’s first full-length album, and it debuted at No.1 on the Billboard charts. It features the four songs off the EP plus eight other absolute bops that are must-haves to every playlist. We know you remember his iconic singles ‘Stitches’ and ‘ I Know What You Did Last Summer’ that filled radio waves everywhere, well they are staples for this album along with some of our other favorites including ‘Aftertaste,’ ‘Crazy,’ ‘Air,’ and ‘A Little Too Much.’ The revisited edition also has some seriously underrated masterpieces like ‘Running Low,’ ‘Act Like You Love Me,’ and ‘Memories.’ Overall, this album holds a special place in our hearts and probably will for years to come.

2016: Illuminate

This is Shawn’s sophomore album, and yet again, it debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard charts! His sound changed a bit between this album and the first with this one having shown how Shawn matured in his music in just one year. It cuts deeper into our feels from the first second of the album to the last, and we feel Shawn was able to really show off not just his singing talent but also instrumental talent as well! Just check out the ‘Mercy’ music video above, and you’ll see what we mean! This album also features other incredible songs such as ‘Honest,’ ‘Treat You Better,’ ‘Understand,’ ‘Roses,’ and ‘Ruin.’

2017: MTV UnpluggedShawn Mendes

This was the year Shawn released a second live album of an Illuminate World Tour show. It was recorded at The Theatre at Ace Hotel in Los Angeles. We got to hear him perform some of our favorites tracks, and have the concert experience anytime we want (and trust is a Shawn Mendes concert is a definite must-see!) Not only do you get to experience the passion when he sings but you get to feel the energy of the fans as well.

2018: Shawn Mendes

This is Shawn’s third studio album. It’s self-titled, the cover art was created by a fan, and it debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard charts in the US and Canada. Throughout this album, we get to hear the sound of the Shawn Mendes we’re used to, but he also dabbled a bit in R&B, Blues, and pop-rock. It added a unique quality to his sound that we didn’t know we needed until we got it! With some out-of-this-world songs like ‘In My Blood,’ ‘Queen,’ ‘Because I Had You,’ ‘Youth,’ ‘Perfectly Wrong,’ and so many more, we find this to be one of Shawn’s best albums yet! The lyrics are deeper in meaning, giving us a look inside Shawn’s mind, and it sets our feels into overdrive. Also in 2018, Shawn dropped two singles that weren’t on the Shawn Mendes album- ‘If I Can’t Have You’ and ‘Señorita,’ the latter also features pop songstress: Camila Cabello

There you have it, Mendes Army! A glow-up of Shawn’s musical career, and might we say we loved him then, we love him now, and we know we’ll love him for years to come!

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