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Let’s Take A Look At The Cats of KPOP!

Let’s Take A Look At The Cats of KPOP!

Happy International Cat Day readers! It’s a day so celebrate one of our favorite furry creators and to celebrate, we’ve listed some of our favorite KPOP idols who are also proud parents of some pretty adorable cats!

BamBam – GOT7

Image Source: Instagram

BamBam has four cats, Pudding, Cupcake, Latte, and King! He has also gone on the record saying he speaks to his cats in Korean, so that way, they are able to understand the vets when he brings them in to get checked!

Lay – EXO

Image Source: Weibo

You’ve probably seen the video of Lay saying he forgot to give his cat a name (and he calls it ‘Cat’), but he has since then provided the cat a name, and has two other additions to the family, Lulu, and Luobo! They even have their own pages on Weibo! 

Jaebeom – GOT7

Image Source: Instagram Story

Some fans may remember the members of GOT7 pointing out that Jaebeom is the proud owner of five cats (Nora, Kunta, Odd, Baireu, Cake) from their MTV interview last year, and we’re glad they brought it up!

Joohoney – Monsta X

Image Source: Twitter

Fan’s love whenever Joohoney talks or posts about his adorable cats, Gucci and Yoshi, and so do we!


Image Source: Instagram

Wonho recently shared videos on his Instagram of him playing with his cats, Bom and Yeoreum, and we can’t get enough of them!

Minho – Stray Kids

Image Source: Instagram

Minho is also the proud owner of three cats; Soon-ie, Doong-ie, and Dori!

Taehyun – TXT

Image Source: Weverse

Taehyun has so much love for his cat, Hobak; he has even mentioned that Hobak is sometimes his motivation during live streams!


Image Source: Instagram

We’re obsessed with Lisa’s little family of cats and that they all have names beginning with ‘L.’ Leo, Luca, Lily, and Louis are so cute!


Image Source: Instagram

Hyolyn has always been known for her love of cats, even doing a photoshoot for Dazed featuring them!

Daniel Kang 

Image Source: Instagram

Daniel has been known to be a cat lover, having Rooney, Peter, Ori, and Zhang-ah is the newest addition to the family! He also has a Instagram highlight on his profile dedicated to them that you should scroll though!

Jeno – NCT

Image Source: Twitter

Despite being allergic, Jeno is the proud owner of three cats; Bongshik, Seol, and Nal!

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Zuho – SF9

Image Source: Twitter

Zuho is head over heels for his kitten, Huru, (who he even refers to as his son) and we can’t blame him; just look how cute!

Bonus Cats: The Cats of WayV 

Image Source: Instagram

The cats of WayV pretty much have their own fandom at this point. The boys love Louis and Leon and have dedicated live streams to them, making toys for the pair. 

Did we forget anyone from our list? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured Image Source: BLACKPINK’s Lisa via Instagram

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