5 State Champs Songs For Your Summer Playlist

5 State Champs Songs For Your Summer Playlist
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If you are looking for some awesome State Champs songs for your summer playlist, you’ve come to the right place! Stay tuned and you will find some songs that will certainly find some new bangers.

‘All You Are Is History’

‘All You Are Is History’ is a great song from 2015 back when State Champs still had more of a punk edge. It’s a song about letting a person go and realizing you’re better without them. Derek DiScanio said it himself, “I’ve had enough of the talk on how you’re saving me.” A personal favorite of most fans also resides in this song, “You’ve got the right to be all that you want to be and that’s extra ordinary.” A spin-off of the word extraordinary.

‘Prepare to Be Noticed’

The epitome of pop-punk with the right amount of angst and love all in one. Released back in 2013, ‘Prepare to Be Noticed’ is the fourth track off of The Finer Things. This song is a great summer song. Super upbeat and happy, a song about not being insecure, and knowing that someone will always be there with you, “You’ll never walk alone”.

‘Mine Is Gold’

‘Mine Is Gold’ is off their latest album. It has a little bit of an Around The World and Back sound to it, DiScanio shows off his voice in this song with tons of that awesome rasp that he is known for. Those are the songs that stick out to us.

"Wait just a little bit longer
Before you stab me in the back and walk away
'Cause I've grown a little bit stronger
And now you're choking on those deadly words you ate"

Those lyrics mean a lot to us, they may seem like typical pop-punk lyrics, but they hold a special place to us.

‘Nothing’s Wrong’

The eighth song off of The Finer Things. ‘Nothing’s Wrong’ is easily a top three all-time State Champs song. Another upbeat jump around kind of song about a one-sided relationship, but really, we think of it as more of a song about happier times. Every summer, this one is on our playlist, and we can never get sick of it. It’s one of those songs that bring back good times and great memories.

‘Hurry up and Wait’

A song that was added to their deluxe version of Around The World And Back. A great party song, or just a great happy pop-punk song. Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low helped in the writing process on this song. It has a little splash of ATL flair to it. All in all, ‘Hurry up and Wait’ is a song we listen to just about daily as a great hype up song whether it be out at the field or just an afternoon pump up. This is our go-to song, and it should be one of yours, too!

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We hope this article helped you find some new summer playlist jams for the rest of August. If you know any other State Champs songs that would have made your list, please let us know in the comments! We would love to find out yours. Tell us on Twitter and Instagram @thehoneypop.

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