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‘Farther We Go’ The More We Aspire To Be

‘Farther We Go’ The More We Aspire To Be

Walk Off The Earth is a personal favorite of ours here at The Honey POP. Their latest single ‘Farther We Go’ is no exception. A lot is happening. Things may feel frustrating beyond belief, but one thing we can always rely on is music. Let’s walk down memory lane as Walk Off The Earth proves to us time and time again that things are better together. Whether it’s their older music, like ‘Gang Of Rhythm’:

We may have this “old guitar the strings are rusty but…bring in the kick drum it can back the beat let’s gather round and sing a song.” Basically, whenever we come together, we may be good just on our own with our own devices, but together we make some beautiful moments and beautiful memories. The newer stuff they have going on like the Pokemon theme ‘Journey Starts Today’ or their last single ‘I’ll Be There’:

We’re so in love with their approach to life and music. In this way music is life, each music video walks us through some hard times or tight spots, but the theme is morally the same. Having someone there for you is the balm, the salve to our souls. We need each other, and the latest single is no exception:

And the ‘Farther We Go’ together then the more we can do and accomplish. The song vibes like some old school Jimmy Buffet. The chords being light and islandy. This lyrics video is so close to being a music video. The lyrics popping up like flashing neon signs as two girls run and play in a wide-open back yard. With lyrics like:

"Play in the sun
We couldn't wait to grow up
Man we were young
All of the crazy things
We thought we'd become"

The nostalgia of being young and feeling invincible is just chilling in the best way. Looking back on running till the sun fell from the sky and feeling more alive than we ever knew. Even though those days have passed, we’re still learning and still working.

"We're getting smarter
The farther and farther we go
When did the simple things get so complicated?"

We’re all in this together, making all the simple things complicated as we go. Life is more fun together when we acknowledge the hard stuff and work through it together. Nostalgia doesn’t have to kill us, it can inspire us to get back to that childlike wonder of life. While we’d love to keep breaking it down for you, no one says it better than the creators themselves.

Our new single ‘Farther We Go’ embraces the magical memories and the innocence of childhood, and encompasses the challenges of being a grown-up. Life is indeed full of challenges and setbacks, but the importance of remaining hopeful and positive through moments of great difficulty is what shapes us as human beings. We really wanted to emphasize this especially in the current state of the world.

It’s the silver lining that allows us to continue to learn and grow, and it’s what brings us together. We want to celebrate how far we’ve come as humans, and how far we still have to go. Let’s use it as motivation to continue bettering ourselves and those around us. ‘We’re getting smarter, the farther and farther we go.’

Walk Off The Earth

Did you love the wave of nostalgia? How about ‘Farther We Go’? What’s your favorite Walk Off The Earth song or cover song? Tell us any and all things in the comments below or reach out to us on Twitter @thehoneypop or on Facebook and Instagram. We love to hear from you!

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