James Bay Sings In All His Vulnerability With ‘Chew On My Heart’ (Acoustic)

James Bay Sings In All His Vulnerability With ‘Chew On My Heart’ (Acoustic)

Ah, you know we love James Bay. Do you know what makes us love him even more? The pure vulnerability and love he puts into his music. You can tell he really does love what he does, and listening to his latest release ‘Chew On My Heart’ (Acoustic) just proves that even further.

We heard the original version when it came out, and we were already stunned. It’s a more positive release than what we’re used to, and we love that so much. Especially if it means that his upcoming album can continue that theme since it’s the first single from the album!

Now, the acoustic version, our hearts melted, in a good way, of course. Acoustic versions have a certain way of feeling more personal and true to the artist. James’ style of music already feels that way even without the acoustic version, but it’s even better acoustic! It’s so calming, yet it feels victorious and filled with love.

You can listen to ‘Chew On My Heart’ (Acoustic) here!

And while we fall in love with the song’s acoustic version, may we remind you how good the original one is, too? We might not be getting a music video for the acoustic version, but we have the music video for the original! Watch it below and see why we feel so happy to see his happiness in it!

See what we mean? Let us know what you think of ‘Chew On My Heart’ (Acoustic) by commenting below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop! You can also check us out on Instagram and Facebook!

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