5 Things We Know About girlfriends


girlfriends are going to be your newest punk obsession. They only have one track out, but with several on the way, we’ve got our ears ready. But if you have no idea *who* girlfriends are, then allow us to fill you in!


They might be a new band, but the members of girlfriends aren’t strangers to music. Travis Mills (vocals & guitar) has joined forces with Nick Gross (drums) to form the punk band of our dreams! 

Now if you’re a little late to the party, Nick Gross is a co-owner of record label ‘Big Noise’ making him a bonafide punk guru. His partner in band crime is Travis Mills, a longtime solo artist from the days of MySpace and Warped Tour. Together, they’re an unstoppable tidal wave of talent and style. 

Debut Single ‘California’

Now we’ve established that Gross and Mills are a ready-made punk powerhouse, let’s move onto their debut single ‘California’. It’s produced by John Feldman, you know *the* pop-punk legend so it’s nothing short of divine! 

Alongside, one of this year’s catchiest guitar lines, Gross bashes out a drumbeat perfect for dancing. But that’s not where their talent ends, the band’s lyrical abilities shouldn’t be understated. The track strikes the perfect balance between metaphorical judgment about LA culture and easy to learn memorable lyrics. 

Debut Music Video

Did someone say Feldy? Cuz girlfriends’ hot new music video has blessed us in that department! The song might well be a commentary on LA’s influencer and media culture, but the music video turns it into satirical casting scenes.

While Mills and Gross’ acting skills might be foggy, it’s clear as day that they were having a blast on set. So naturally, we can’t help but love this video too!


Any self-respecting punk band has to have a tip-top merch range and girlfriends are no different. They might not have been around long, but they already have a whole bunch of hoodies, t-shirts, and even some stickers you can get your hands on. We’ve already had a look ourselves and can’t wait for a brand new hoodie to snuggle up in Fall!

New Music? 

If you’re already just as obsessed as we are, you’ll be glad to know that there’s already new music on its way! In just a few short weeks, they’ll be dropping their second single ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ worldwide. In the meantime, we’ll be counting down the days while we keep our eyes peeled for more updates as they come! 

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