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Ashnikko’s New ‘Daisy’ Music Video Is Crazy (But We Like That)

Ashnikko’s New ‘Daisy’ Music Video Is Crazy (But We Like That)

To quote from the Queen herself – Ashnikko’s new ‘Daisy’ music video “is crazy (but we like that)”! Filming the music video during quarantine? Not a problem for such a creative visionary. Honestly, this video is classic Ashnikko excellence. This is the reason that we stan so hard! Check it out below:

Ashnikko via YouTube

Our official ‘Daisy’ breakdown:

  • She partnered with Beats by Dre! The video features their brand-new Powerbeats Pro headphones in nearly every shot.
  • Ashnikko’s four different technicolor scenes are inspired by four of the eight available Powerbeats Pro colors: Glacier Blue, Spring Yellow, Cloud Pink, and Lava Red.
Ashnikko under technicolour lights
  • She hosted a contest (BEATSDAISYCHALLENGE) for TikTok users. It garnered over 7.7 billion views! Participants submitted clips of themselves, hoping to be featured in the official video. You can spot the winners at 1:22!
  • The director is a 26-year-old hyper-pop photographer and artist Charlotte Rutherford who has worked with the likes of Rihanna and Grimes.
Grimes, a recent collaborator and similar artist to Ashnikko
  • The comment section is full of users that liken her colorful landscape/outfits to the Teletubbies. Oh, YouTube…

Below, you can check out Ashnikko’s explanation of the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘Daisy’:

Genius via YouTube

Our Official ‘Daisy’ Song Research:

Describing ‘Daisy’, Ashnikko gushes, “this song is my favourite song that I’ve ever written, ever. I’ve been waiting to put this song out… since I was born. I was born to put out this song. I love this song so much”.

Each song she writes has an original fictional character. Ashnikko describes Daisy as “this bad b**** who wears exclusively latex, blue diamonds and these glass platforms with, like, an aquarium in the heel.” This girl throat-punches criminals on the regular, leaving daisies on the nightstands of her victims!

Daisies wilting, as a reference to Ashnikko's lyrics for 'Daisy'.

Interested in finding more music from Ashnikko? You can check out our latest list of her biggest playlist must-haves here!

What’s your take on the music video? Exciting, scary, confusing, empowering – we want to hear it all! You can tweet us @thehoneypop on Twitter, or leave your theories in the comment section below. Our take? Ashnikko’s new ‘Daisy’ music video is crazy (but we like that).

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Featured Image Source: ‘Daisy (Official Video)’ – Ashnikko via YouTube

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