BTS Drop The Teaser Photos For Their Summer Single ‘DYNAMITE’ and They’ve Lit Our Fuse of Excitement

BTS Drop The Teaser Photos For Their Summer Single ‘DYNAMITE’ and They’ve Lit Our Fuse of Excitement

BTS really are on form this year (when are they not?) After an incredible comeback from a 10 month extended break with Map of the Soul: 7 our boys are back and gearing up for what fans believe will be their biggest comeback to date with their brand new single ‘Dynamite.’ 

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The big countdown that was teased earlier this month is well under way and now the Bangtan Boys have dropped their teaser images for the single which is so close we can almost taste it. Just look at them. LOOK AT THEM.

In their solo shots, there’s a bit of a throwback 90s to early 2000s aesthetic to these photos, which pairs up with the concept of a retro vibe that fans had theorized about since the drop of the artwork for the single. The mystery of the hair colors donned by RM, V and Jimin have also now been revealed much to ARMY’s delight!

And of course, whenever we’re fed new content from BTS, you can always expect the best reactions from ARMY.

BRB, we’re printing and framing these photos.

BTS have such a busy schedule surrounding this comeback with a lot of state-side promotions in place such as an MTV interview on August 22nd, The Today Show interview on August 24th, and a performance at the MTV VMAs on August 31st, where they’re also nominated for three awards. Phew! We just keep on getting fed at this all you can eat Bangtan buffet.

But if you thought that was all, then you may wanna grab another plate because On August 14th the boys are set to make an appearance on BigHit’s new show I-LAND before their new reality TV show In The Soop kicks off on August 19th. Oh, and we still have the rest of that countdown to finish!

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BTS’s ‘Dynamite’ drops August 21st. Pre-order the single here

Are you loving these new teaser images? What are you expecting ‘Dynamite’ to sound like? Let us know down in the comments or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP


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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of BigHit Entertainment

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