In Another Life Eternally Yours, Motionless In White

In Another Life Eternally Yours, Motionless In White

Sounding like an endearing love letter, Motionless in White gives us a new EP Another Life/Eternally Yours: Motion Picture Collection. This collection is available now on all streaming platforms. This is a re-imagined and reinvigorated version of two favorites: ‘In Another Life’ and ‘Eternally Yours’. Fans were pretty hyped:

The song itself is a treasure. The duet between these two sparks that romantic side of us. The clothing is from a gothic fantasy for sure. We love the big poofy dress and men in suits, there’s just nothing better. Kerli’s vocals give us that violin feel. Sounding like a string instrument, she completely takes this song to another level.

Image via ‘Another Life: Motion Picture Collection’ Youtube Comments

Even though we don’t have a music video for ‘Eternally Yours’ it is still a killer tune. Fans are in awe over Chris’ voice and how good it has gotten. ‘Eternally Yours’ is quite long, 5:15 to be exact, and Crystal Joilena adds to the mix perfectly. Her voice completes the otherworldly vibe we’re getting into. It’s a match made in heaven if you ask us.

Image via ‘Eternally Yours’ Motionless In White YouTube Comments

And on top of all that we have instrumental versions of both songs. This is a wonderful collection signaling in a new era. We’re hyped to see what comes next and how exactly the next album will sound. Should be top tier amazing if this is any indication.

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Featured Image Courtesy of Motionless In White Official Twitter

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