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Ready or Not, Little Mix Are Coming! Here’s Everything We Know About Their New Album…

Ready or Not, Little Mix Are Coming! Here’s Everything We Know About Their New Album…

Mixers all across the world, fear not! Little Mix is on their way to save 2020 with their brand new album, and it’s just what we need right now.

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Having already served us two huge bangers in the shape of ‘Break Up Song’ and ‘Holiday‘, the girls have been hard at work for a good while, but we’re reaching the end of the grind. LM6 is on the horizon! Here’s everything we know about the upcoming record…

When is it due?

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Speaking to Ash London Live recently, Miss Jesy Nelson spilled the tea that the album is pretty much complete, and we can expect it sooner than you think. “We’ve got the new album coming I reckon literally in about a month, couple a months? It could be a month, it could be two! I don’t wanna say in case I’m wrong!” A summer album is something new for Little Mix, but we love to see it!

Are there any collabs?

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No collaborations have been confirmed as of yet, but the latest rumor floating around is that the girls have recorded a collaboration with none other than Chloe X Halle! Though we don’t know how solid this rumor is, we just know the girl power from this collab would be outstanding.

Leigh-Anne also expressed earlier this year that she wanted to collab with a Latin-American artist such as Bad Bunny. “Just something really sexy and Latino-y!” We’re manifesting it, babe.

What’s on the tracklist?

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So we’ve got the two smash singles that are guaranteed a place on the new album, but there have been other rumored titles floating around for other album tracks. According to the Little Mix fandom Wikia page, potential yet unconfirmed title tracks include ‘A Mess (Happy 4 U),’ ‘Nothing But My Feelings,’ and ‘Dangerous Summer.’ According to Genius, ‘Bounce Back’ may also be a song that makes it to the finaltrack list. It’s what she deserves!

What can we expect from the album?

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Speaking to ET about the album, Leigh-Anne says that the sixth Little Mix album “was quite a nice process [to make and] came together quite easily. We didn’t put pressure on ourselves and just went with the flow. Whatever we loved is going on. It’s not like we’ve overthought it or anything, we’ve just got like really good pop songs on there. We’re excited for this one. It’s a big album!” While Jesy said to Buzzfeed that “it’s a party, it’s a celebration.”

Leigh also mentioned that she feels as though this album is a mix of both ‘LM5’ and ‘Glory Days’ so we have to ask, are any of us even ready for how incredible it’s gonna be?

And if you’re wondering how empowering this album is going to be, Leigh said: “the one thing we love about our music is that it is always inspiring, like we love to inspire our fans, so I don’t think we’d ever lost that. There is one song on there that is quite a performance song, that you can imagine being like the opener of a tour or something and it’s all about just kind of not giving up and just going for it.”

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Argh, we cannot wait for the album! We need it pronto.

Are you ready for LM6? What are you hoping for from the new Little Mix album? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop!

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