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5 Reasons Why… You Should Stan Dreamcatcher

5 Reasons Why… You Should Stan Dreamcatcher

Wondering why you should stan Dreamcatcher out of all the groups out there? This is one’s for you.

Dreamcatcher is a Kpop girl group that debuted under Happy Face Entertainment back in early 2017. They originally debuted in 2014 as a 5 member girl group with members, JiU, SuA, Siyeon, Yoohyeon, and Dami under the name MINX. However, they re-debuted in 2017 as Dreamcatcher, adding Handong and Gahyeon to the group.

This is a group you definitely shouldn’t be sleeping on, and we’re here to tell you why.

Source: Happy Face Entertainment

1. They’re not like anything you’ve seen before.

Dreamcatcher have such a unique concept. There’s literally no one that’s doing it like them.

When it comes to sound, most of their music is very rock driven and not at all what you would expect from a “typical” Kpop group. And when it comes to their concept, it’s dark and never gets boring – every Dreamcatcher comeback is a different journey.

Even if they always stick to darker concepts, whether it comes to choreography or music or anything, they always find a way to make it original, and they’re never afraid to try new stuff. For example, on one of the b-sides of their first full-length album, Dystopia: The Tree of Language, they took on a more jazzy sound for their song ‘Jazz Bar’ (for which the lyrics were written by some of the members); or even earlier in their discography, they pulled off absolutely beautiful ballads like ‘Polaris’.

In other words, Dreamcatcher are not afraid to explore different types of music while staying true to themselves. They’re a group that feels so refreshing and original. Believe us when we tell you stanning Dreamcatcher feels like rediscovering Kpop all over again.

2. They’re an all-rounded group

From rapping to vocals to choreographies, the members don’t lack in any category.

When it comes to dancing, they’re never afraid to try new and original things. For example, in the choreographies for ‘YOU AND I’ (with the handkerchiefs and Dami’s magic trick), or ‘GOOD NIGHT,’ where they included tutting. Also, SuA often participates in the making of the choreography and has put out clips of her own choreographies on their youtube channel like her cover of ‘COPYCAT’ by Billie Eilish.

(You can also check out the Deja Vu choreography along with some of the best Kpop choreographies of 2019 here.)

And when it comes to vocals, they kill it every single time. You’ll be blown away by their live vocals. Especially main vocalist Siyeon: she has such a distinctive voice with such a unique tone and wide range, as she hits high notes like no one else but has amazing stability when it comes to lower notes. She also helped write and compose ‘Paradise,’ her first solo song. Dami’s rap is also mindblowing, and she has written many of the lyrics for her raps in their songs. Other members have also participated in other songs, especially in their first full-length album released earlier this year. For example, the lyrics for ‘Dear,’ one of the b-sides for their upcoming comeback next week, were written solely by their leader, JiU.

Honestly, whether it comes to vocals, dancing skills, or stage presence, everyone in the group has so much talent it is mind-blowing. There’s just no way to describe it.

3. There’s so much content

Dreamcatcher is always trying to put out content for their fans (don’t be surprise if you have several Vlives in one day).

They put out a lot of “special clips” on their youtube channel where they cover songs or show some of their own choreography either as a group, as a unit, or solo. Through these special clips, they also put out music videos for their b-sides. As a fan, you literally never run out of amazing content.

Overall, their youtube channel is always full of content for you to watch, between special clips, vlogs, and what they call Dreamcatcher’s note (that include behind the scenes, skits, or whatever that crosses their minds), there’s no time to get bored and you’re always well-fed as a stan.

4. Their support to the LGBTQ+ community

If you stan Dreamcatcher, you know you’re in a safe place.

They’ve shown never-ending support to the community, especially through their interactions with fans. They create a very safe and welcoming environment for everyone.

It is worth mentioning that their entire discography is gender-neutral. Also, whenever they cover songs, they never change the pronouns, which seems like something small but it’s such a power move for LGBTQ+ fans. One example of this is Yoohyeon’s cover of ‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran from earlier this year.

She also covered ‘Secret Love Song’ by Little Mix, which was confirmed to be a song for the LGBTQ+ community.

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If you’re interested in all the ways the Dreamcatcher members have openly shown support to the community, this video will speak better for itself.

5. They have a new comeback coming

We know sometimes it can be hard to stan a new group when they’re in between comebacks, and it’s hard to know where to start. But don’t worry, Dreamcatcher is coming back next Monday with their fifth mini-album, Dystopia: Love Myself.

They’ve been teasing this comeback for the past weeks with photo teasers, as well as the tracklist, revealing the name of their new title track ‘BOCA,’ lyrics spoilers, and the latest was today with the Highlight Medley for the mini-album.

Unfortunately, just like their last comeback back in February, Dreamcatcher is coming back with only 6 members, as Handong had some solo promotions.

But while we wait for their comeback, make sure to check out their last title track ‘Scream’ from their first full-length album, Dystopia: The Tree of Language! This showed better than anything else how diverse they can be, and that everything they touch is gold.

We hope that this helped you see why Dreamcatcher is one of the most talented groups out there and deserves all the support in the world. It’s never too late to stan.

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Featured Image Source: Happy Face Entertainment

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