Vibe with ‘Malibu’: Gem’s glimpse into her original work

Vibe with ‘Malibu’: Gem’s glimpse into her original work

Aussie producer, DJ, and singer, Gem offers a glimpse into her original work with her cosmic single ‘Malibu.’

The tracks comes after her iTunes chart-topping album, the2070s. This electronic cover album, compiled of 70s classics, nominated her for Best Electronic Album and Producer of the Year at the Independent Music Awards in the US last year.

‘Malibu’ was mixed by Grammy-winning Serve Courtois and mastered by multi-Grammy award winner, Dale Becker.

She calls it her “sonic-tonic.”

Like the interstellar queen that she is, Gem naturally had to sprinkle her own magic into ‘Malibu.’ She purposefully set the song to 432hz; a frequency believed to bring alignment with the universe.

This song is my love letter to the universe, written with the intention of manifesting new love and produced in 432hz, I wanted to experiment with the powerful formula of frequency + intention = healing.” Gem said, “What if producers could be the modern day shaman?

Vibe out to ‘Malibu’ here!

The music video, created by Hussam Eissa, interprets Gem’s imagination as a psychedelic wonderland based on her dream she had about Malibu.

The waves lapped at the side of the bed as it rolled gently on the ocean. A whale swam around me and jumped out of the water and dived across the bed while I stayed asleep thinking it was a dream, not realizing my thoughts had been so powerful the room had burst open and the bed really was laying on the waves, realizing then that being awake can be a simulated dream state if you’re truly living presently from your heart chakra.” She said.

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Feature Image Credit: Alex Savidis

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