QUIZ: Which Member of TinyTAN Should Live in Your Pocket?

QUIZ: Which Member of TinyTAN Should Live in Your Pocket?

BTS and Big Hit haven’t let anything stop them from keeping us on our toes. They constantly keep on surprising us with unexpected, but very welcoming, news, media, and information. With a new program, merch, and single, one would think they would be done but, don’t be fooled! Presenting TinyTAN, the cutest boy band in the world. 💜

Image source: @seokjingifs (Twitter)

These adorable characters were first released last October, debuting with a music video for ‘IDOL‘ as part of the House of BTS promo. They have recently made an epic comeback, with the latest animation called “Magic Door” that has packed over 7 million views in 2 days.

Image Source: BANGTANTV (Twitter)

Now, while they all have the distinct personalities corresponding to the original Bangtan members, could you choose which one you’d like to keep in your pocket? We can help you with that!

Image Source: Twitter

We’d all love to keep a cutie from TinyTAN as company all around. The problem is that, choosing one can be tough. Take our quiz to find out which member would be your best pocket partner!

QUIZ: Which Member of TinyTAN Should Live in Your Pocket?

We know it's hard to choose just one, but tell us how you think and we'll tell you which TinyTAN is the perfect company!

Choose An Era:

1. N.O
2. Dope
3. Run
4. Blood, Sweat & Tears
5. MIC Drop
6. Fake Love
7. Not Today

Choose A Hair Color:

1. Black
2. Blonde
3. Purple
4. Blue
5. Pink
6. Red
7. Light Brown

Choose A Hobby (Hobi XD):

1. Photography
2. Sight Seeing
3. Working Out
4. Book Club
5. DJing
6. Voice Acting
7. Mentoring

Choose A Song:

1. Winter Bear
2. Airplane Pt1
3. Life
4. Promise
5. Still With You
6. 28
7. Tonight

Choose An Adjective:

1. Confident
2. Perfectionist
3. Talented
4. Honest
5. Responsible
6. Insightful
7. Free Spirited

Choose An Action:

1. Sleep
2. Cook
3. Paint
4. Exercise
5. Read
6. Travel
7. Dance

Are You Excited For Their New Merch?

1. Yes
2. Or Yes

All 7 questions completed!

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QUIZ: Which Member of TinyTAN Should Live in Your Pocket?

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Did you enjoy taking the quiz? We certainly did! Let us know which TinyTAN character you got by sharing it in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop!

To Learn More About BTS:

Featured image courtesy of BANGTANTV and THP

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