‘Smile’ Music Video Brings Us An Animated Experience

‘Smile’ Music Video Brings Us An Animated Experience

Hitting over 2.5 million views and trending at number 18 a day after its release, ‘Smile’ by Juice WRLD and The Weekend got an official music video. This one hits pretty deep, guys. Fans were all over the lyrics and hurting all over again. Who knew the most adorable of animations could bring so much pain?

Image via 'Smile' YouTube Comments
Image via ‘Smile’ YouTube Comments
Image via 'Smile' YouTube Comments
Image via ‘Smile’ YouTube Comments

First, the music is phenomenal, a true fated collaboration between The Weeknd and Juice WRLD. The vibes they each bring mesh so well. Now the music video takes it to a whole other level. Animated and heartbreaking, it shows our man Juice WRLD in his purple sky realm sporting angel wings. A fitting tribute to the late legend while also hitting in sync with the lyrics. At about 2:30 into the song, we get to see real-life images of Juice WRLD with his girl, hitting home that this song probably goes out to her. In that same breath, a bittersweet message from beyond. Juice WRLD loved deep and still loves deeply.

‘Smile’ Official Video

What are your thoughts on this animated short? What’s your favorite Juice WRLD collaboration? Could it be this one? And while you’re at it let us know if you got your hands on that 24 hr merch drop. Let us know by commenting down below or giving us a shout @thehoneypop on twitter!

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Featured Image Source Courtesy of KDC Visions/ @kdcvisions ‘Smile’ YouTube Screenshot

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