Wonho Has Dropped His Music Video Teaser!

Wonho Has Dropped His Music Video Teaser!

It’s happening. Wonho will officially be making his solo debut in September with his mini-album, Love Synonym (#1) – Right for Me. When the schedule for his debut dropped on Monday, the internet went wild over the news that we would be getting new music from Wonho, who is known for the beautiful songs he has produced over his career. His return to the music scene is highly anticipated. If we’re being honest, we’re a bit emotional about it; we are beyond excited that the moment has finally arrived! 

Source: Wonho Official Twitter

The Start Of A New Era

This morning, at 7 AM EST, the teaser for his pre-release single, ‘Losing You’ dropped, and let’s just say, we are in for a treat when it comes to WOLO (Wonho solo). The teaser is emotional, to say the least, with dramatic scenes of Wonho in black and white, and the red glow of a car at the end (which we got a sneak peek of in an Instagram post)! We also hear the lyrics, “cause losing me is better than losing you,” which are enough to have us all crying.

Source: YouTube

What Comes Next?

With the full music video set to be released this Friday, August 14th, at midnight EST, we are preparing ourselves for all the emotions we are bound to feel from watching it. There are also other releases set up, leading to the drop of the mini-album! We can expect a lyric video for “Losing You,” as well as four sets of concept photos. 

Source: Wonho Official Twitter

You can bet that we’ll be waking up for all of the content that Wonho will be giving to us! We’re counting down the days to Love Synonym (#1) – Right for Me’s release, and we know that he is about to show us the very best of himself. 

We’ll be keeping you updated on everything regarding Wonho and his solo debut, so stick around! 

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