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9 Songs By FLETCHER That Your Playlist Needs

FLETCHER, Cari, even Fletch, whatever you wanna call her, is an artist who should be on your radar if she’s not already. A queer pop singer who writes honest and vulnerable lyrics with catchy melodies, what’s not to love? She’s an inspiration for so many, including us. Always writing songs that break our hearts but make us feel so complete at the same time, she has a song for every mood and every feeling. Check out 9 FLETCHER songs that your playlist needs.

‘Bitter’ with Kito

Her latest release (okay besides anything we’ve gotten from her upcoming s(ex) tapes EP, we’re looking at you ‘If I Hated You’ 👀) that’s got a special place in the fandom’s hearts. The Fletch fam practically nagged Cari until she released it, and she didn’t disappoint at all once we finally got it!

‘I Believe You’

This song. It hits deep for a lot of people, women in particular, and it holds a very important message. It’s one of her most meaningful songs, and one of the ones that should be heard more.


This song is one where her voice truly shines. Though it was released in 2016, it’s still one we insist on listening to regularly.

‘War Paint’

War Paint’ is one of her first songs released, so of course, we need to include it. If you listen to this and then go listen to ‘Bitter,’ you can see the growth. Okay maybe don’t look at us, we may or may not be shedding a few tears because of how proud we are.

‘Forever’ (Stripped)

Stripped versions are just better, don’t you agree? ‘Forever’ is a bop on its own, about how you know you want to live life to the fullest, and even though you love someone, you know you can’t start forever yet. We know we said her voice shines in ‘Avalanche,’ and it does, but it does even more here.

‘All Love’

All Love’ is an emotional song that we screamed out a few times when we felt we needed to. ‘Need the Novocain, wish it could numb my heart the way it numbs my brain.” The lyrics are painful when you think about it, but something we all find ourselves relating to. “It isn’t easy, but it’s all love.”

‘Lover’ cover with Niall Horan

*okay okay pls pretend like there’s a YouTube video here because sadly we don’t have a video performance of the song hehe*

Okay, sorry but we can’t just pick one cover. Her covers are so good. She’s done ‘Lover’ with Niall Horan as the latest one so that’s the one we went with, but can we also say her cover of Post Malone’s ‘I Fall Apart’? But if we could go with ones, not on Spotify, we’d also say ‘Someone You Loved’ and ‘Tequila,’ and even ‘In My Blood.’


This one holds one of our favorite lyrics ever, “what if Cinderella had to save herself?” Just knowing that lyric alone makes us love it. The whole song is worth listening to, we promise.

See Also


Alright, now, this is probably the song that brought in the most fans at first. It’s that song that everyone hopefully knows. It’s a bop and the lyrics are top tier, a perfect song for any playlist, but especially breakup ones. Actually? Any song from you ruined new york city for me would be perfect for that.

And while we would’ve put every FLETCHER song here if we could, we had to narrow it down to a few of our faves that might just get a non-fan into becoming a fan!

Let us know which FLETCHER song is your favorite by commenting below, tweeting @thehoneypop, or checking out our Instagram or Facebook! We’ve got all the pop culture content your heart may desire, plus we’ve got a few Fletcher fans on the team as you can tell by our some of our other articles!


Featured image source: FLETCHER via Instagram

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