BENEE Has Us Coming Faster Than A ‘Snail’ To Listen To Her New Music

BENEE Has Us Coming Faster Than A ‘Snail’ To Listen To Her New Music

BENEE is back again with a new song, and we love it! You may be a little bit concerned when you hear the title (which you’d know if you read the title of this article); ‘Snail’ isn’t what you’d expect. Or it could be exactly what you think, honestly? It’s something even we can’t explain fully, but it gives us serotonin and that’s all that matters.

‘Snail’ is a song that’s more in the pop direction, with a bouncy chorus that might just get stuck in our heads for a few days. It has an upbeat, almost retro-vibe and a really fun bassline, and it just gives us fun summer vibes. Plus, it would be a perfect song for a TikTok, just saying. Along with that, it’s also a really good lockdown song, though we’re sure we’ll be listening long after lockdown is over!

When we were in lockdown, I was fascinated by snails. There wasn’t really a lot to be doing, so I would spend a lot of time outside looking at snails and would think about how they’re doing their own little thing and they’re all free. I just played around with the idea of being kind of like a snail and how I come out in the rain. Being stuck inside because of COVID, it’s kind of my lockdown song.


She’s right, there’s not a lot to be doing, and now we’re all giving more attention to the little things. Well, little as in actually little, since we’re talking about snails here. It’s such an original idea, and that’s what pulls us in and makes us wonder what else BENEE has up her sleeve.

You can listen to ‘Snail’ by BENEE here, and watch the lyric video below!

Even the music video brings us something unexpected, and, of course, we’re so here for it. Doing something different is a bit of a risk, but it can pay off.

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