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Broadside: Into The Raging Sea Album Review

Broadside: Into The Raging Sea Album Review


Broadside, champions of the genre, have announced that they have signed to independent label Sharptone Records, and made their label debut with new single ‘Foolish Believer.’ Most commonly known from the band’s debut album Old Bones, the song ‘Coffee Talk’ (our JAM) has been streamed more than 13 million times via Spotify. We expect nothing less with ‘Foolish Believer.’ Taking inspiration from his early life, growing up in a trailer park, struggling to find his worth, Oliver Baxter eventually found his footing. Forming Broadside and a wave of pop-punk was something he held onto, only to crash with lineup changes, and other frustrations, the familiar feeling returned. Luckily for us, it lit a fire. Ollie is back and bringing Broadside with him, with a brand new sound that we cant wait to hear more of.

And an album that re-defines Broadside while keeping all the qualities we love so much about them. 

Into The Raging Sea opens with the title track itself, naturally. Baxter serenades “36 minutes of your time, please just let me change your mind.” Sure enough, the album itself is roughly 37 minutes in full. Coincidence? We think not. He sang the right words – and us? We’ve decided to stay. 

Broadside – ‘Into The Raging Sea’

The album transitions into the well known single ‘Foolish Believer.’ Uptempo, catchy chorus, but relatable all the same. Vocals that solidify this band and their following, the song slows, and pick backs up in a way that makes you long to see them live. We’re sure to remember them after a song like this.

Broadside – ‘Foolish Believer’

Maturity and growth in all aspects of Broadside as a band are quite apparent in ‘Overdramatic’ and ‘Nights Alone.’ Full of lyricism, personal reflection of self, life, and love.

Album gem ‘Heavenly’ delivers love and giving it wholeheartedly. Learning and letting go entirely into another person are what we gather from this song. Reminding us of all the good things about love, we reminisce, hope for, and live in this song.

Broadside – ‘Heavenly’

‘Clarity’ slows things down, but not for long. As the album concludes, ‘The Setting Sun’ picks the pace back up, hits heavy, and is just a whole new level of bad-ass-wonderfulness form Broadside. The A N G S T. This one might just be our favorite jam from the album.

Broadside – ‘The Setting Sun’

Into The Raging Sea is a journey from beginning to end. One we plan to travel over and over again. A journey that everyone needs to take at least once in their lives. Or twice, or a hundred times. You decide. 

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We told, and now it’s your turn! Let us know your thoughts on the album, your favorite song, or anything about Broadside by commenting down below, or giving us a shout on twitter @TheHoneyPop!


Featured Image Source: Broadside on Facebook & Official Album Art

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