Like Moths To Flames Habitually Inclines

Like Moths To Flames Habitually Inclines

Metalcore masterminds Like Moths To Flames: Chris Roetter (Vocals), Jeremy Smith (Guitar), Zach Pishney (Guitar), and Aaron Evans (Bass) have announced the works of a new album. Coming soon No Enternity In Gold, the band’s 5th full-length album will be unveiled October 30th, 2020, via UNDF.

The album itself will showcase the band in all their talent, but like never before. Sticking near their trademark foundation of incredible technical expertise, uncompromising heaviness, and an unforgettable splash of melodies. The band gives us a taste of what’s to come with new single and a music video to match. Check out ‘Habitual Decline’ here:

Like Moths To Flames – ‘Habitual Decline’

Giving it all until nothing is left is a situation everyone encounters through life, and often. Like Moths To Flames vocalist, Roetter channeled this experience throughout the forthcoming record. The journey of moving forward, acceptance, and dealing with the aftermath brought these ideas and songs together for No Eternity In Gold.

We can expect each track to carry a sense of weight and personal connection of internal self struggle. As well as the burden of the weight left to carry. A glance into the ever-evolving mind of the band, this one might be the most personal record yet. 

Full of self spirituality, raw emotions, and encouragement to embrace yourself for all you are (and are not), we look forward to the all-around vibe this record will provide. For now, we’ll try to satisfy our LMTF hunger by streaming ‘Habitual Decline’ at an alarming volume. All while watching the band as they continue to incline habitually

Like Moths To Flames No Eternity In Gold Album Art
Image Source: Like Moths To Flames Official Album Art

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Featured Image Source: Ross Theisen

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