Metallica’s First 2020 Concert is Heading to a Screen Near You

Metallica’s First 2020 Concert is Heading to a Screen Near You

Metallica has confirmed their return to the concert stage for the first time since September 2019!

They will be the first rock band ever to be featured in the Encore Drive-In Nights series. Their full set will be shown at hundreds of drive-in and outdoor theaters across the United States and Canada on August 29th. To sweeten the deal, our faves, Three Days Grace will be the supporting act!

Check out the promo video right here:

The show will be specially shot for the Encore Drive-In Nights Series at a location near the band’s Northern California headquarters. Since June, the event production company, Encore Live, has partnered with drive-in theaters across America to provide world-class entertainment in a safe, creative way, so let’s appreciate them for that.

The concert, Metallica’s first show in nearly a year, will feature material from throughout their career and provide all you hardcore Metallica fans with an intimate, unique, and truly memorable concert experience.

But wait! It gets even better…

Unlike traditional concert tickets that are bought for one fan’s admission, each purchase for Encore Drive-In Nights’ concert will admit one carload of fans. That means up to six people can enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime show for one price!

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It gets even better. Every ticket purchase will include four digital downloads of Metallica’s S&M2, the long-awaited album documenting the two historic concerts that reunited the band and San Francisco Symphony for the first time in 20 years. S&M2 will be released on August 28 via Blackened Recordings.

Pre-sale tickets for the concert, available exclusively to Metallica’s Fifth Member fan club, will go on sale on August 12 right here! General on-sale will begin on August 14.

Have you gotten your ticket yet? Let us know by tweeting @thehoneypop or visiting our Facebook page!

To learn more about Metallica:

Featured Image Source: Three Days Grace Youtube

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