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BTS Are Ready To ‘Break The Silence’ In Their New Movie

BTS Are Ready To ‘Break The Silence’ In Their New Movie

August is truly proving to be quite a busy month for BTS! Not only do we have their newest single, ‘Dynamite‘, releasing towards the end of the month, but the boys have always released information regarding their new movie, Break The Silence: The Movie. The boys released a trailer to go along with this ticketing news, and it makes us miss them even more. It shows clips from their last stadium tour, Love Yourself: Speak Yourself, such as performances, backstage moments, and the boys beginning to tell personal stories that they never have before. If we’re feeling this way just from the trailer, we can only imagine how we’ll feel once we watch the full film!

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What You Need To Know

The film is set to be released on September 10th with limited screenings, before being released in more theaters on September 24th. Tickets for screenings happening from September 10th are on sale now, with the later screenings tickets being available for purchase starting August 27th. Screenings will vary by region and it’s guidelines, such as re-opening of local cinemas, but thankfully BTS and BigHit have provided us with a website where we can check to see if there will be any theaters showing the movie nearby! You can also subscribe to get updates regarding movie screenings happening in your area!

Bring The Soul Is Back!

If you can’t wait for Break The Silence, there will be limited screenings of the movie BTS released last year, Bring The Soul: The Movie, which is happening August 28th, 29th, and 30th. Tickets for these screenings will be available on August 18th at 9 AM EST! There will also be a sneak peek of the new movie at the end of these special screenings, so act like you’re seeing a Marvel film and stay until the end!

We can’t wait for Break The Silence to be released and all the exciting things that are happening for BTS! 

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