Huening Kai and His Top 5 Plushie Moments

It’s August once again, and we’re celebrating Huening Kai’s 2nd birthday with MOA as he turns 18! What better way to celebrate the warm and little brother-like qualities of Huening Kai than talk about his plushie collection. Tomorrow X Together‘s Maknae Huening Kai is not only known for his unique looks but his never-ending plushie army. We’re going to countdown the top 5 best plushie moments that made us fall in love with the giant maknae.

Visits to After School Club

source: Twitter arirang_ASC

Starting with what has become a tradition every comeback, After School Club feeding Huening Kai’s army! Ever since their comeback with Run Away, ASC has welcomed TXT with prizes, including Huening Kai’s favorite plushie, Molang! MOA is so entertained to see this giant softie run to the prizes, only to grab the plushie and pay no mind to others. Huening Kai said in a Vlive after the Run Away appearance that he slept soundly with it for a few weeks! It recently popped up in a Twitter video, and it has found its new home in TXT’s studio!

Huening Kai’s Travel Buddies

source: Big Hit Entertainment / Mnet

When TXT first debuted, Huening Kai’s affections for plushies was barely uncovered. But as TXT left for New York in their 2019 docu show One Dream.TXT, we got a glimpse at how much our Kai loved to have plushies as he slept. He proudly showed the 3 plushies he had chosen for his first trip as a debuted idol, two of them he lovingly named Apple and EnDolphin. He’s not the only member who travels with a buddy, Beomgyu also accompanied by his plushie 뚜비, but Huening Kai is never caught without a mini gang in his duffel bag.

TXT Vs. Huening Kai

Along with getting to know Huening Kai and his plushies, we got to know how mischievous TXT can be. MOA laughed along with their antics while also feeling for Huening Kai’s losses in the mix. In a long battle in 2019, TXT uploaded many clips to Twitter, detailing the pranks towards all the plushies. Doing such things as squishing them, dangling them, stealing parts off them, and using them as a hat. Though Huening Kai must live through his older members’ teasing, he is grateful for all that they do for him.

Molang Meets Huening Kai

source: 몰랑이 작가

A very close second in this countdown comes to a very special, budding relationship! Over these months, one thing associated with Huening Kai is his love for the Molang characters. Molang is an animated series about an eccentric bunny named Molang and his emotional little chick friend, Piu Piu! They have a popular merch series, a lot of which Huening Kai keeps in his dorm and all over Bighit HQ!

Recently, the creator of Molang has learned about his love for her characters and started to learn about TXT! She details how she has fallen for their charms and is grateful for the boys spreading her creations with a larger audience, having done several fanarts of the group, including this special birthday fanart just for Huening Kai! She has shared her new fan activities, including joining their fancafe and buying the same crown as Huening Kai’s giant Molang. We hope to see her achieve the goal of connecting with Huening Kai and TXT and creating an official collab that she wants to put towards charity! Check out how Huening Kai and TXT has inspired her as a new fan and as a creator!

Bellies Instead Of Plushies

Though inspiring the creator of his favorite plushie is a memorable moment for Huening Kai, we can’t forget the heartwarming story he shared of his childhood. In a Vlive, Huening Kai was asked about how he came to start rubbing belies as a habit. He then narrated the story of how he lost a pillow he’d hug as a kid while they were moving, so his dad suggested that he rub his belly instead when little Kai would cry endlessly. He drew great comfort in it and it spread to his mom and sisters, now his members receive his love that way! Huening Kai’s love of comforting plushies led to another one of the endearing habits we love about him!

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We hope that his love for his never-ending plushie army will never falter! As our love will never waiver for our lucky birthday boy! Happy birthday to TXT’s shining light, we wish you to have good memories in 2020 and only good days as you and your members go beyond the stars!

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