6 Songs By MAX That Your Playlist Needs

MAX is an artist that we’ve known of and loved for years, and it’s about time you love his songs, too! He delivers bop after bop, and with his impressive vocal range, all we can do is admire his music ability. And with the fact that he’s got an album coming soon, Colour Vision, this is the perfect time to get into his music! So without further ado, here are 6 MAX songs to add to your playlists!

‘Gibberish feat. Hoodie Allen’

This song was probably his most prominent song for a bit, maybe now replaced with his hit ‘Lights Down Low.’ But, we can’t forget good old ‘Gibberish.’ A fun song to sing and listen to, so it definitely deserves that playlist spot.

‘Missed Calls feat. Hayley Kiyoko’

Their voices blend perfectly in this song, and who doesn’t love a good collab? “I used to have so many missed calls, now I just sit around and miss your call.” A song that hits on so many levels, with two of our favorite artists.

‘Lights Down Low feat. Gnash’

Alright, yes, we know we mentioned it earlier. And now, here we are saying that you need this song on your playlists. It’s one where MAX’s vocal range really shines, plus it makes us feel so happy every time we listen to the sweet song.

‘Still New York feat. Joey Bada$$’

This song is a beautiful one that pays tribute to his home, New York. It’s upbeat and has feel-good vibes, as it’s filled with love for where he came from. It’s one we hope we can relate to with our homes, so it’s got a special place in our hearts.

‘Love Me Less feat. Quinn XCII’

One you can definitely dance and bop to, ‘Love Me Less’ is a seemingly fun dance song, but when you listen to the lyrics, you realize you probably feel the same. Would someone love you less if they knew about your past? Or would they love you more?

‘Where Am I At’

And now one that’s emotional and hits hard. ‘Where Am I At’ asks the question, “where am I at now that you’re gone?” The music video mainly portrays the emotion so vulnerably and truthful. You can see the passion in his eyes.

Though there are definitely more than 6 MAX songs that should be on your radar, these are ones that you need to add. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

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Featured image source: MAX via Twitter

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