Mali-Koa Shows Us Love In Her Gorgeous New Cover Of ‘Show Me Love’

Mali-Koa Shows Us Love In Her Gorgeous New Cover Of ‘Show Me Love’

Mali-Koa is the queen of emotional ballads, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Her tender, emotion-stirring voice catches our attention easily and pulls on our hearts at the same time. We’re used to feeling deeply as we listen to her songs, always filled with so much vulnerability and honesty with every lyric. With the cover she dropped unexpectedly, it’s no different.

We’ve got a cover of Robin S’s ‘Show Me Love,’ and Mali’s voice holds the song beautifully and gracefully. With a heartfelt message letting us know that love is the key to get through life, it’s inspiring during these times to hear this song. It’s even more inspiring that Mali-Koa gave ‘Show me Love’ to, she always seems to connect so well to her fans.

I’ve been listening to the Robin S version since before I can remember. I started collecting Ministry of Sound compilation CDs every Christmas back in Sydney and I used to tell people I wanted to be a house music singer back then. Who knew that 12 years on it’d still ring true to me and that the lyrics would pair so perfectly with the times we’re in. This song is a gentle reminder that in times of sorrow and doubt – love is the key.


Along with getting the cover, we’re also treated with a beautiful visual. The video shows us love in all forms, and it carries so much beauty. It shows the loneliness of wanting affection, as well as the little joyful moments when they’re with who they love. The love is portrayed so delicately, and it matches Mali-Koa’s vocals perfectly, and we couldn’t ask for anything better than that. She always delivers the best that she has, even when the videos don’t star her.

Image source: Courtesy of Lucid Group // ‘Show Me Love’ Video Shots

Listen to Mali-Koa’s cover of Robin S’s ‘Show Me Love’ here, and check out the stunning visual for the cover below!

Does that video just make you feel? It certainly makes us feel a lot, especially knowing how painful and how joyful love can be at the same time and how Mali puts that emotion into the song.

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Featured image source: Courtesy of Lucid Group // Artwork for ‘Show Me Love’

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