The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special Coming To Disney+ Will Make Your Life (Day)

The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special Coming To Disney+ Will Make Your Life (Day)

Good news for fans of the Star Wars franchise! On November 17th Disney+ is premiering an all-new animated LEGO adventure. The holiday special coincides with Life Day, the major celebration on Chewbacca’s home planet of Kashyyyk, and throws back to the OG holiday special from 1978.

This will be the first LEGO special exclusive to Disney+, and honestly, we can’t think of a better place to start. Combining the epic storytelling of Star Wars with the quirky and hilarious charms of LEGO, The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special is going to bring the Life Day spirit.

Image Source: Disney

Taking place just after The Rise of SkywalkerThe LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special follows our heroes Rey, Finn, and Poe (and the droids, of course) as they join Chewie for a magical Life Day feast. But when visiting a Jedi temple to learn more about the force, Rey gets thrown into a time-traveling escapade that promises to revisit all the classic moments and characters from the Skywalker saga. Hopefully, she can get back to her friends and the Wookies in time to decorate the Tree of Life!

Image Source: Disney

The kind folks at LEGO have even thought about what to give your Star Wars superfan this Life Day. The LEGO Star Wars advent calendar, with 24 days of mini brick surprises, comes out on September 1st. Or for those baby Yodas out there, this holiday sticker book has just as much fun (but less small pieces). Just in time for all those gift-giving winter celebrations!

Need more Disney in your life? Totally understandable. Luckily we have everything you need right here.


Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Disney+

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