Thirsty? Satisfy Yourself With New Yungblud Single ‘Lemonade’

Thirsty? Satisfy Yourself With New Yungblud Single ‘Lemonade’

Drippin’ down your face like he’s lemonade

We’re certain by now that you’ve heard of Yungblud because let’s be real, he’s got an insane amount of overall artistry. Whether you’ve been a member of the Black Hearts Club, found him through one of his many collaborations, or have heard him on the radio, we know you’ve sung along.

Sorry, but we’re onto you. With the recent release of ‘Strawberry Lipstick’, Yungblud is sticking with the food and drink theme and has delivered us a brand new track ‘Lemonade’. It has undoubtedly quenched our thirst for our Yungblud.

This VMA nom’s track will be featured on the Madden NFL 21 Soundtrack, as well as an appearance on his highly anticipated sophomore album. Featuring clean-flow-fantastically-talented-mention-worthy Denzel Curry, this rocker-turned-rapper delivers a completely unusual but utterly unique tune, just like him.

And you? You can listen to the fire-starting track right here, right now.

YUNGBLUD ft. Denzel Curry – ‘Lemonade’

A combination of heavy guitar, slick beats, flawless rap hooks, and a chorus that will be stuck in our head for ages, we honestly can’t get enough of it. Could it be that Yungblud and MGK’s friendship helps the pair switch roles? A bromance we fully support.

Additionally, we happen to love a song with meaning, and ‘Lemonade’ is just that. From the mouth of the passionate performer himself, Yungblud explains, “‘Lemonade’ is about the immense pressure society and circumstance is placing on my brain right now. It’s about wanting to explode. It’s about the injustice my generation is fighting against every day. We know where we stand, we know what we want, and we are going to get it.[…]” Honestly, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. As for the choice of Curry? Yungblud said it was a no-brainer. A fan of his lyrics, activism, and overall demeanor, he completed the song ever so charmingly. Yungblud concludes,

We’re fighting for the same things: equality and inclusion across the fuckin’ planet. The song came out so quickly and easily and I can’t wait to split up the pit once the pandemic is over.”

As for us? We’re with him on the pit-splitting…

Which do you enjoy more, the message or the music? For us, we pick both. Let us know your thoughts on this track by commenting down below or giving us a shout on Twitter on @thehoneypop

To learn more about Yungblud:

Featured Image Source: Yungblud ‘Lemonade’ Single Art

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