We Can’t Stop Replaying Anthony Ramos’ Latest Single, ‘Stop’

We Can’t Stop Replaying Anthony Ramos’ Latest Single, ‘Stop’

Impressive vocal runs, nimbly rhymed verses, and a powerhouse hook define Anthony Ramos‘ brand new single, ‘Stop.’

Don’t believe us? Give the song a listen right here:

A much-needed message amid this pandemic, ‘Stop’ reminds us that despite how long 2020 feels, life is fleeting. Appreciate that you’re here. Here, living through a pandemic, yes, but living all the same.

The acclaimed actor/singer shared his inspiration for the new single:

Stop came from my inability to do just that. It’s a song about stopping, breathing, being present in whatever moment you’re in and finding the beauty in it.

Anthony Ramos

If you do fully immerse yourself in the experience of listening to this song, it’s kind of crazy what you’ll notice. Which of y’all heard the deep tolls of church bells in the background helping to carry the beat of the song? Yeah, we didn’t either til we zoned in to focus.

Image Source: Giphy.com

The accompanying music video portrays Ramos’ message of carpe diem by featuring Brooklyn stylist and activist Anthony Payne. After losing his job at a hair salon amid the pandemic, and following the tragic murder of George Floyd, he grabbed his scissors and decided to bring some light into the world. Payne is depicted in the video cutting hair outdoors in Brooklyn and sanitizing his equipment between customers. Even Ramos gets a fresh cut from Payne on-camera. Payne is donating his proceeds in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

You can help support Anthony Payne in his mission to spread love to the Black Lives Matter movement, or check out other BLM projects Ramos has been a part of.

What are some moments you found beautiful in the video? Or just in life in general? Let us know by tweeting @thehoneypop or visiting our Facebook page!

To learn more about Anthony Ramos:

Featured Image Source Danielle Gonzalez of Universal Music Group

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